Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Packing for Arizona

Arizona Oct 2017

A quick post on my packing for my trip to Arizona in October. This time, I. DID. NOT. HAVE. TIME. to pack or even think about the trip in advance. I literally was throwing clothes into my suitcase at stupid o’clock in the morning the day of and hoping for the best. This is definitely the benefit of having some sort of cohesive style—in which I can pull bleary eyed and blind and still turn out okay.

10.16 750 
Chanel sunglasses; bracelet; black scarf; impossible to see Rick Owens dress; LeSportsac bag

I find that is much more satisfying to pack sensibly then lug around a heavy suitcase filled with insufficient clothes. Even though traveling has its compromises (I can’t bring my entire closet or bathroom counter with me), dressing should still have the same “throw on and go” feeling as at home. I can enjoy myself more when I’m not cold, wet, or uncomfortable.

Packing sensibly has also taught me, it IS possible to dress sensibly and maintain a stylish look. For me, interesting outerwear or sweater makes me feel like myself.

20171019_123110 750
Rick Owens jacket; bracelet; Zara pants; velvet slippers; LeSportsac bag; Brics trolley

With Arizona having a similar climate to Jordan, much of the clothes were the same. Some “whimsical items” I included were a maxi dress, Rick Owens Sphinx jacket, and BCBGeneration cage heels. I brought my LeSportsac tote because I was transporting a gift enroute, so I needed extra room in my suitcase.

I'm supposed to be spending my day packing for my next trip oops...

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Style Resolution 2017: Year End French 5 Reflections

Rick Owens Sphinx jacket

At the beginning of the year, I decided to try out the French 5 Piece Wardrobe, in which I only buy 20-25 pieces per year (5 pieces x 4 seasons = 20) because I noticed that I buy a lot of pieces throughout the year yet seem to wear the same things over and over. I included basics into my count, because black tees are an addiction, but multiples of underwear count as 1 item. Another exclusion—a Longchamps bag gifted to a dear friend.

In August, I did an update where I discussed my indifference to shopping, which after typing that up, a choir of angels descended and Gap Body starting finally making solid black underwear.

But even after Gap Body broke through my shopping malaise, I didn’t fall off the wagon. I shockingly stayed at 20 items for the year:

1. BCBGeneration olive coat
2. Kenneth Cole red snake flats

3. Rick Owens black abito maxi dress


4. H&M black cosmetic clutch

5. Jordanian scarf (eventually want to convert one into a tote bag)
6. Jordanian scarf
7. Target (Who What Wear) black maxi dress

8. F21 black crossbody bag

9. Rick Owens black asymmetric zipper jacket (grown to love this jacket, looks stunning with my Rick Owens dress and skirt)
10. Baccarat Tango Scarabee ring
11. Gap Body black wireless racerback bra
12. Gap Body blue underwear

13. Gap Body black underwear (multiples)
14. Rick Owens black/gold Sphinx jacket

15. Noctex black square hem tank (opaque dupe for Rick Owens beater tanks)

16. H&M black faux leather leggings
17. H&M black faux leather baseball cap


18. Asics black Gel Fit Sana II sneakers (discontinued style, purchased secondhand to have a back up)
19. Rick Owens black draped dress (I now have 3 versions of this style)
20. Verona Collection black crinkle scarf

So, what contributed to my “success” on this challenge? Mainly lifestyle changes. In the beginning of the year, different factors aligned that gave me the much-needed opportunity to take an extended break from the working world. I still managed to add 7 things to my closet and go to Jordan during this time. And then, I very unexpectedly went immediately back to work upon returning to the US.

This time in all black and in what I call “stylish but comfortable” attire. Because my clothes and shoes get chewed up at work, I purchased back ups of my beloved and discontinued Asics (purchased secondhand) and faux leather leggings--my other pair ripped in the butt (but thankfully not through the lining) after 1 day at work. Being that it’s not practical for me to dress too nice to work continued to deter me from excessive buying. I somehow even managed to stay away from amassing even more black tees—which are now ESSENTIAL to my work wardrobe.

Not only did I stick to 20 items for the year, 2017 was also the significantly LOWEST amount I’ve spent on fashion purchases since 2009, the year I began keeping psychotic Excel fashion purchase spreadsheets. As a disclaimer, I don’t maintain spreadsheets on my beauty purchases, which have surged in the last 2 years.

My 2017 MVP of the year was my F21 bag. That’s the bag I use 5-days a week for work. And then, my Rookie of the Year: BCBGeneration olive anorak. After the cold and torrential down pour of Morocco in late 2016, I resolved to buy myself a medium weight hooded rain coat. It’s easy to travel with because it fits into the front pocket of my (matchy-matchy) Bric’s luggage, perfect to throw on over sweat pants for quick errands and not feel mortified, and keeps me warm when its cool but still cool enough to wear when its warm. My 7 year old black combat boots saw a resurrection this year—coming into heavy rotation as a work wear staple. Other observations: I notice that I keep accumulating scarves, more because I’m drawn to the texture or patterns, not necessarily, because I wear them (out). Also, outside of Rick Owens, I’ve reached a point where I’m not compelled or desiring to purchase luxury or fashion brands. With age, I’d rather save or put it towards beauty treatments or travel.

Have you tried the “French 5” before? And how was your experience?

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Style Snapshots: August - December 2017

 A few snapshots of what I've worn from August to December. Anything in bold was purchased this year.

3 Dots cardigan; Gap tee; Bvlgari ring; H&M pants; J.Crew sandals; vtg bag
Gap tee; Mango pants; Kenneth Cole shoes; vtg bag
Chanel sunglasses; Brooks Bros cardigan; Equipment blouse; Joes black wax jeans; Donald Pliner shoes; Vuitton bag

My beloved BCBGeneration coat that I wear A LOT.
Chanel sunglasses; BCBGen coat; All Saints sweater; Joe's black waxed jeans; Asic sneakers

Rick Owens jacket; Zara pants; Lesportsac bag; Brics trolley; velvet slippers
Rick Owens jacket, dress; Cartier & Baccarat rings; Vuitton bag
Gucci sunglasses; Rick Owens jacket; Who What Wear/Target dress; F21 bag

Switching to an all black work wardrobe in the second half of the year, during my downtime (if not serving a Morticia/Aaliyah/Rick Owens look) I found myself wearing color and pulling from the more American Classic/Gamine side of my wardrobe.


Do you wear different style genres or stick to one consistent style?