Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Investment Bags

While I personally don't purchase "investment bags" since to me it's like shopping with other people's tastes in mind and implies that you should barely use your bag to minimize any signs of wear. Aesthetically, I'm a tacky person with no taste and hate to spend money to have the same XYZ as other people, so I'm not into some of the classic investment bags, and financially, as Archana wisely said: "I could buy it but couldn’t afford it," and many other life in general reasons. And also "investment bags" can also be construed as a gimmick to convince people to buy luxury goods because of the perception that a high price denotes a better quality.

But, let's talk about a hypothetical luxury consumer. Let's say she purchases luxury bags fairly regularly, about 2 a year. A bag from the likes of Gucci, Chloe, Saint Laurent, etc... usually costs around $1,500 - $3,000 ($3,000- $6,000/year). I completely agree with Joanna Logic vs Luxury that history has shown that bags from these brands that were once all the rage have long since fizzled out: YSL Muse, Fendi Spy, Chloe Padington, etc..., that today they have resale values far less $500. So, if she is looking for longevity and knows that her tastes will change with the season, her money is better "invested" in 1 bag a year from the 2 maisons: Hermes and Chanel. Vuitton can be tricky and I give honorable mention to Bottega Veneta*.

Now, an Hermes Birkin or Kelly is long beyond the stratosphere of bags in this price range. But a quick perusal of TRR shows some Kelly-s just around $6,000. According to the prices here, Chanel MSRPs will also completely jump out of this range in another 1-2 years, so there is again the pre-owned market. There have been analysis showing that the classic styles from Hermes (here) and Chanel (here) have (notoriously) increased in price over the years. So she can be more confident that a classic Kelly or 2.55 will not only hold but potentially increase in value if she decides to cash out her bags let's say after 5 or so years.

Anyway, these are just my vague opinions and aren't grounded in any scientific research on my part. But I found Joanna's video on the topic thoughtful and dare I say intelligent (intelligent as we can be blabbing on about bags right?).


What are your thoughts on investment vs. luxury bags?

*while I don't think their classic intrecciatos--will increase in value, the values hold fairly steady that they won't be worthless in five-ten years times. Also, I'm not super familiar with luxury brand pricing, but I don't recall BV as one of the brands notorious for price hikes (ie. Chanel/Hermes).

Monday, April 10, 2017

Outfit Recap: Jan - March 2017

Jan-March 2017 Outfit
The very few outfit photos I've taken this year.

Ejona Maci sweatshirt; Rick Owens tornado tunic; Kenneth Cole "Tracy" flats
All Saints cardigan; F21 dress; YSL bag
Black Fleece shirt dress; Papercrown leggings; Baccarat ring; Del Toro slippers