Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Obi Belt

Ever since snapping a picture of this woman from my now defunct street style site, I still have her leather obi belt on my mind.
obikimono + obi
I’ve been mentally toying with the idea of a black silk robe + obi belt (ideally leather), over a pair of tailored trousers or slim dark jeans to roughly this effect.

My robe is much simpler and the sleeves fuller and more kimono-esque, so I think a clutch is better suited for this look.


  1. i like the obi in your mock-up a bit better than the one on the woman. it might be because i get caught up in semantics and the one in your mock-up looks more like (it's wider) than the one in the photo. good job w/the mock-up btw.

  2. I was looking at some obi belts the other day...maybe on shopbop? I forget...and I was wondering how hard they'd be to tie in real life. Would the ends fall gracefully as they do in the photos or would they stick out awkwardly?


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