Monday, July 7, 2008

lumière du nord

I'm always rooting for KVA. And I'm a sucker for a vampire themed collection after all.

The black on black abstract skeleton tee and the coated jeans have my heart skipping beats. Luckily for le wallet, I am pleased with my la redoute lou doillons.

But it's the suede boots, which of course I have zero chance of fitting in and the revival of the D Point belt that have me salivating.

However, I will say I’m somewhere between love and hate on the sneakers.
They could go from really good to incredibly awry in a how-do-you-know-the-matrix-isn’t-real way

But overall, Kristopher you’ve done mama proud.

-images via diabro, eluxury, and luisaviaroma


  1. im a fan of the color black myself :D

  2. I love that rib-cage t-shirt.

  3. i'm so looking forward to piling on the black this fall/winter. mmmmm :)


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