Tuesday, August 26, 2008

August Acquistions

chain tuxmilitary jacket & stud belt
new stuffgladiators
Retail Recovery and The Search for Chic, have me thinking a lot about The Perfect Wardrobe.
Even though August yielded all this swag, I didn't buy one single thing that I liked, only what I loved.

I'll put up a post of these in action sometime this week.

chain tuxedo theory men's military jacket kenneth cole new york studded belt bcbg
cotton blouse zara ring so good (lincoln rd) gladiators nine west


  1. All of those are direct hits!

  2. yes! i've been trying hard to do the same - not by things i like, only those that i love. good work.

  3. I've been applying the same rule to my purchases, it definitely cuts back on the spending.

    Especially love the satin lapels and the military coat/studded belt combo.

  4. :D
    oh happy happy!
    the RR post today is kind of tied in with this (well, ha, i guess the whole blog is about this) because it's about what level of "want" a person finds most comfortable. i guess the degree of "want" is going to be equal to the amount of passion/desire we have for a particular item. i like to be overwhelmed with obsessive lust, personally. ;)
    yes yes, by all means, with whatever means, only buy what you love love love. a nice side effect is that you'll love what you wear!

  5. Great glads and studded belt! You've must have far better restraint than me. I personally work by list, if it's on the list i buy it. Weird but real.

  6. xax: when i see something i specifically want i put it on my list, but i always leave room for when I come across The Perfect ______.

  7. that belt is darling!! and the white gladiators make me sigh in joy

  8. Where did you buy the belt? Love it!



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