Thursday, November 27, 2008

casual elegance

I feel like my wardrobe is so heels based that sometimes it throws me off when I have to wear flats.

I need to work on putting together some casual outfits with flats, nothing too “cool” but classic and casually elegant.
Think: Inés de las Fressange.
casual elegance
ph:tfs, the sartorialist, and

I know Anouck is wearing heels here, but this could easily go with flats. The fit of the jeans are key, slim but not at all tight.

The woman in white: The Sartorialist in Rio. Certain South American women I see do casual elegance flawlessly; this woman is a perfect example of that woman. Nina Garcia champions the casually elegant style. If you haven’t I suggest you check out: The Little Black Book of Style and especially The One Hundred . Plus the illustrations by Ruben Toledo are so cute.

You get bonus points if you know the woman at the bottom left. For some reason, I feel Brigadeiro will know. ;)
(Hint: she was the first ______ on Oprah).

casual elegance
ph:, beyond boston chic, banana republic, and garance dore

Ashley Olsen: Simple, chic, effective. and who doesn’t own a drapey sweater by now?

The 2nd woman: Fabulous Fabulous Fabulous and Utter Perfection!

This purple trench is perfect in every way, except for one thing: it’s too big (on me). I’ve tried it on a few times since, hoping that it would magically shrink, but it never does… Darn that Banana Republic and their vanity sizing! And don't even get me started on their items featured in magazines but never show up in stores!!

As I’ve pretty much finished off my fall/winter wishlist, looking at these pictures, makes me think of the things to keep an eye out for in spring/summer, which is crazy considering it’s actually cool outside!

Enjoy your weekend, and if you're in the mood for some fun turkeydayness check this out
Stay Safe and dont elbow too many people in the face come tomorrow!


  1. Oh dear, I fear I may not live up to your expectations. Although the lady on the bottom left looks familiar, I cannot remember her name nor who she is! Eeps!

    As to wearing flats elegantly, I can definitely see you as an elegant 'flats' person. I envy those who look so elegant in flats. I myself wear flats 99% of the time (heels are usually for only a few hours at a time, when heading 'out'). Sadly, I don't have the build nor height to look elegant like these gorgeous ladies you've pictured here. But I agree, I love the effortless 'cool' & elegant look that flats afford an outfit.

  2. I LOVE flats, as you may have noticed...;)

    It is so refreshing to see a 'mood board' including flats rather than high high heels.

    I am dying for a pair from repetto..the perfect shape.

  3. how funny how that picture of ashley olsen has been my inspiration in the last week and it shows up here. do great minds really think alike?

    i love the style of the woman in the first collage, upper far right. i will try to emulate her crisp simple style.

    ive always been a flats girl and now im turning to heels, as work "demands" it. it is a bit tricky to wear flats as it can casual-ize a look too much.

  4. You look good with any 'crap' -h. I told you! You have a figure of a model... now I want some outfit photos right now. outfit outfit outfit!!!

  5. brigadeiro: it's not the best angle of her face ;) sometimes i think i look elegant in flats, but other times i feel a bit "off."
    after seeing the pictures of your sisters, i think elegance is in your DNA!!

    escritora: yes!! Queen Rania of Jordan, the 1st queen on Oprah.

    the search for chic: yes, you're one of my flats inspirations. and I LOVE your green suede ysls!

    nikki: ashley olsen is pretty good :)

    songy: thank you songy, you're too kind.
    i have 1 that i can put up here, but this daylt savings time has been throwing me off with taking outfit pictures!

  6. I can't ever wear m green ysl as it always reains here..and on top of that one of the tassles fell off during the summer. I am already starting to think about summer..slowly. I am just crap at summer dressing.

    I think your look will go just as well with flats a with heels. =) But I AM biased.

  7. Loving these casual chic looks, esp. the jeans/blazer/scarf combo!


  8. H - Queen Rania! Of course! I thought it was her for a second, but was thinking maybe she was Brazilian, as you thought I might know her...She epitomises elegance IMO, so regal yet down-to-earth (from the little I've seen), smart & just...inspiring!

  9. Thanks for this inspiration. Since most of us are dressing cas most of the time this was a great post!

  10. Nice post! I never find myself wearing flats, especially not ballet flats, but these are really inspiring. That white shirt is just perfection.


  11. I wear flats most of the time, so I'm always on the lookout for cool looks that work well with flats. You've rounded up some of the best right here, H!

  12. I not even going to bother reading this post...YOU ROCK A HEEL LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS...and keep it that

  13. hi. thanks for the link. didn't realize how much I liked that woman's outfit until I saw it on your site.

  14. Queen Rania of Jordan!
    she is definitely one of my style icons and one of my favorite royals.

  15. Anouck is so fierce. I love that she got to keep the two tone shear stockings from the Chanel show. She was fantastic.<3


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