Thursday, November 6, 2008

a little push

I think we all should push ourselves a little out of our comfort zones.
And I don't mean embracing the latest trend and going out and buying new clothes.

We all play “favorites”-- those items that we naturally gravitate towards because they are effortless. There’s nothing wrong with playing favorites, they’re essential when dressing in a hurry. Our favorites can even be our “armor” when we are going to be in social situations with people we don’t know. But sometimes it’s wearing the same things over and over, that can make us feel like we’re in a rut.


I could have easily defaulted to a black coat, Dior Homme jeans, and black boots and been out the door. (I almost did)
Chic, yes. But challenging myself? no.

Instead I chose some pieces that for whatever reason I don't wear much: “weathered black”/dark grey jeans that wouldn't be the obvious choice, red croc shoes that are maybe 3 years old, and a leather jacket for which it rarely cools down enough to wear.

sunglasses dior homme leather jacket kenneth cole new york shirt j.lindeberg belt secondhand jeans f21 shoes zara

**A little back story on the jacket, this was from kenneth cole new york’s spring 2006 runway. This is one of my favorite runway collections of all time, the majority of my Kenneth Cole stuff either comes from or originates from this season. (Plus it’s pretty cool to have something that was on the runway)

So what are your thoughts?
Do you notice that you wear the same things over and over?
And do you try to push yourself to wear the other things in your closet?


  1. thats an awesome kenneth cole jacket, love the outfit!

    i do try to wear other things i dont normally wear, and i come out of my house thinking "why didnt i wear this before?" and then think of other things to wear with them. i love it cos it makes my wardrobe seem a whole lot bigger!

  2. I definitely do, and am now somewhat constrained to what I can actually fit in my wardrobe. I now try to wear at least one item I haven't worn in a while when going out (work doesn't count).

    You and your outfit are gorgeous! That jacket...just incredible! And you look amazing in that shirt & jeans! *sigh* What I wouldn't give to have your figure!

    PS. LOVE the red 'accent' too! I'll be toting my red 'work' bag around this weekend whilst I'm away...have a good one!

  3. Hey I love this look! You look great in it!

    I do challenge myself, albeit sometimes teheheeee.

    Will post on looks soon, hope you'll drop a note when it's posted.

  4. Lately, I've been really pushing myself to mix it up (assuming I'm going somewhere fun, not just for schlepping around the city doing errands)

  5. LOVE the pops of red and I really like that jacket :) I sometimes realise I keep wearing something, so every time I try to mix it up. I always try to wear things I haven't worn in a while, and wear them in an unexpected way...I guess you end up finding new and better combos and looks :)

  6. nikki: i know what you mean! sometimes coming up with new combinations makes me feel like i went shopping :)

    lynn: i cant wait to see!

  7. this jacket is great and i like your matchy matchy style :)
    i wear the same things all the time, because i like them and i think they define me in the best way. i dont't have too many pieces of clothes. sometimes i have to push myself to wear other things, but not very often... hm, maybe i have to rearrange my wardrobe?

  8. Superbe blog! je nviens de le decouvrir et Bravo!

  9. Ilove your thoughts on this. I need to push myself..find new ways to wear items.. but I find that if it becomes to 'messy' it's no longer 'me'.

    I would like to experiment more though but that requires also purchasing which I don't want to do.

  10. I absolutely wear the same things over and over and over again, like my leather jacket..

  11. Yes, I am trying to get out of the habit of wearing those same items/silhouettes all the time. And I love your Dior Homme jeans and black jacket...but I love the fact that you're SMILING!!!
    What kind of bag is that; it's so ver, very RED.

  12. This pic gave me whiplash! Talk about shaking-things-up...damn PPP, I'm lost for likey!

  13. I love this look. The leather jacket is superb with the red shoes and bag!
    I wear the same thing too often. Need to shake it up more!

  14. This look is great. like you said, you could have played it safe with the first choice....but the red crocs, bag and the jacket really liven the look. great selection.

  15. love that kenneth cole jacket! =) you look great... your posts on qipaos and other Chinese outfits were very interesting... hardly ever come across people blogging about that!

  16. Très jolie look, you're very beautiful!


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