Tuesday, February 17, 2009

d. vade

Inspirations for Darth Vader's original costume included mock ups of: a World War II German helmet and gas mask, monk's cloak, motorcycle leather undersuit, and a medieval metal breastplate.

Via nini and hanh and chauss too, I've really been drawn to the idea of arm warmers. I find them a viable alternative to long sleeves but more practical than wearing gloves. These Vader ones would be pretty ideal. It's funny how flipping through this book is an immense inspiration to me. It's a good thing I wasn't an extra in these movies, there would be a lot of missing costumes!

I scanned these images from Dressing a Galaxy by Trisha Biggar.

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  1. Star Wars actually holds a ton of interesting fashion for me, yet again I enjoy looking to the original source inspirations that they had. I think those quilted style armwarmers would look pretty fierce!


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