Monday, March 2, 2009

Darth's New Look

Darth MaulDarth Maul
Darth Maul's hand-dyed coarsely woven silk and linen cloak was inspired by a 1940s photograph of a Tibetan lama. The many shoulder-to-ankle circular pieces of his kimono-style undderropes were sunray-pleated, creating a narrow silhouette when motionless--but during his extensive combat sequences swirling into a fully circular shape, like a Shuriken (Ninja throwing blade).

From the second Darth Maul (aka "The New Face of Evil") first appeared on screen, he became an instant favorite of mine. (Plus, he reminded me of Peaches). Note the silver cuff over one black leather glove, very similar to the jewelry at Lanvin last fall. I dream of wearing this, and that includes the hood, but not the face paint!

So, this is it from my scans from Dressing a Galaxy. See? Not so many. I tried to show the more realistic costumes that are not unlike what we've seen on the runways.


  1. Holy moley, you've done your research! And that book looks pretty awesome. I love costumes. Might have to look into this...

  2. I remember loving Death Maul's cloak too, but didn't notice the pleating! I love the hood, and lol to not wanting his face painting :) I now also want that silver cuff over the leather gloves!

  3. I love it as well! The pleating somewhat reminds me a bit of Francisco Van Benthum's beautiful AW09 collection...

  4. Giancinepile: I will have to look into Francisco Van Benthum.

  5. I love that bit about the pleating. Now I want to see the cloak in action!

  6. Have you ever read about the inspiration for Amidala's costumes? They're really quite literal translations from Mongolian and Russian (I think) royal garb, but the juxtaposition of something so old in a futuristic setting is quite compelling. What with Kate and Laura Mulleavy's already known sources of inspiration, I hope to someday see them make a collection inspired by the costumes of Star Wars.


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