Friday, March 6, 2009


casual day
I got my new bag via yoox in the mail yesterday, I have to admit I was initially taken aback. It was....smaller than I had expected. But then it quickly grew on me, as it successfully fit my biggest wallet and my biggest sunglass case plus camera case, cellphone, and scarf. Here's a potential ensemble based on what I already have.

I notice when I order something online that I've never seen in person, I'm initially disappointed because it isn't what I expected... but then by the end of the day it's grown on me and I'm happy with it.

How do you feel when you order something online that you've never seen in person before? Does it meet your expectations? Or does the initial shock wear off and it grows on you?


  1. LOVE the bag! And that Polyvore set is gorgeous! The watch, the sunnies...

    re: ordering online, seeing it's the staple of my shopping habit, it is mostly about ordering something I've never tried on or seen in person before. Quite often the colour (due to lighting in the pictures) or fit (because I'm not a tall lanky slim model) is different to my expectations, sometimes it exceeds them, and quite often, like you, the initial shock wears off and grows on me. eg. The beaded DVN dress I ordered was browner IRL than in the pics (more golden), and didn't seem as narrow in the skirt as the runway pics, but it grew on me, and I can't wait to wear it! :)


    PS. Sorry about the long-winded response!

  2. i was a bit of an online shopper before, and luckily it was hit and miss. sometimes, it's exactly as i expected, but then sometimes, i feel exactly like you do, to the point that i just keep it in my potential christmas gift pile. oops, did i just say that out loud? haha! it's not that it's ugly, but its really not my style.

  3. Super chic set! I have been surprised several times by bags I've bought online--once the bag was definitely smaller than I thought, the other time, much bigger. I eventually get over it and use them because they still have the qualities that interested me, but I must say, especially in the case of the too large bag, I use it less than I would if it were the size I thought.

  4. I'm terrible about online shopping and spend ages dithering over whether to buy something I haven't touched or tried on, before deciding not to. No matter how generous the return policy, I don't like being disappointed.

    The one times I did buy something online, I was actually thrilled because it was as advertised. I still think of it as an exception though.

  5. That's avery chic Polyvore combination!
    I'm doing 90% of my purchases online. Most of the time the received item is fulfilling all my expectations I had about it before.
    Have a nice Sunday!

  6. Great look!- Love those sunglasses and new bag. I had one bad experience with something I ordered very first time, too, coincidentally. I ordered an off-the-shoulder, black, finely knit top and was so excited. However, when I tried it on my 5'2" frame it didn't stay up and ended up snagging severely. However, I've had a few great experiences after that and have even been pleasantly surprised with inclusive cards/notes, gifts, on top of my perfect purchase...Hope you had a great weekend!

  7. I think I have the worst luck of anyone in the whole world at ordering online(can I make dramatic statements or what?)

    I think the bag is a winner, I'm loving smaller bags right now. I just picked up a vintage purple snakeskin one that is making me giddy.


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