Wednesday, August 12, 2009

An Introduction to Men Of Style

Because movies are the BIGGEST influence in my interest in fashion and style, I've been wanting to do this series of posts for a while.

But style is just not in the clothes alone, but a person's overall mannerism: their walk, their talk, the way they move... So I promise you that included videos will be very short (under a minute), unless I have to source them from youtube, which I will try to avoid, but I apologize in advance in case I do...

I'll leave out the more obvious picks: Cary Grant, James Bond, or my Numero Uno.

I would like to do a women's version eventually, but when it comes to style, men have always come first. ;)


  1. Just discovered your blog and I love your blogging style, looking forward to seeing this series!

  2. sounds great, i look forward to this!
    staying tuned...

  3. Great idea!

    I'm on holiday (on Long Island) and my mom has net flix, and the film I begged her to get was Holiday, with Kate Hepburn & Cary Grant. He does have the best style, and I can't wait to see your (less obvious) picks.


  4. Noooo... know you've done it before but I love your Vader style, it's so refreshingly original...I'm queuing up for these posts.

  5. Sometimes I'm more inspired by stylish men - Johnny Depp, in particular! Cliche but I can't help but love him & his style!

    La C.

  6. agree.. men in the old movies are very stylish


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