Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Style Like U

Right now I've really been enjoying watching the videos on Style Like U. What impresses me the most is the DIVERSITY of the people featured. For the most part, young people do not inspire me, maybe it is a result of my laid-back personality plus getting old and crinkly and hopefully a little wiser, that I gave up looooong ago trying to be trendy or hip or cool.

So I wanted to share with you a few of my favorites from Style Like U. You can tell that their clothing is an extension of who they are, they are not trying to BE something, they, simply just, ARE. I suppose Epictetus explains it much better than I do:

Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly.”

Elizabeth Burns from
Effortless and timeless basics mixed in with vast collection of jewelry and authentic items from her travels, such as Indian jodhpurs and Samurai skirt.

"I do believe in a certain amount of things that you put on everyday that make you feel that you're you, that are part of you."

“Getting dressed, feeling good about yourself then forgetting it and living the life, living the day.”

Monica Seggos from
I think the important thing when wearing vintage, or even thrifting, is that it looks modern and it fits. Otherwise, you run the risk of looking too silly and too costume-y. From Monica, you can see that her vintage items fit and also have a modern look to them, which she mixes with her staggering and very personal collection of self-made jewelry and statement shoes.

"I have a son whose gonna be 17. So I've been a mom for a long time and a single mom at that. And my whole life has revolved around taking care of him. So when it came to the point where he went away to school, I said I really need to show this wild side of me, so that it'll drive me to become that person, so that when i look in the mirror i can say there she is."

Thomas From
Dapper with a touch of pizazz.

"I used to get jumped all the time...I've always had a really kind heart, a kind soul, and some people prey on that in the wrong way...and it wasn't until I got older that I was able to embrace that and just understand it's me, it's who I am."

"There's so many times I get going outside in the city and I get on the train and I can truly see that I affected someone in a positive way. You don't know how many times some old lady or someone will look and me and smile. and I can feel it right away like they say 'wow you really look great' and it's from the heart."

Milton Puzy from
James Dean, Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, classic style at it's best, clean but rugged.

"Fashion is definitely a cool feel to be around. But they just think that it's the world. And there's nothing else that's in it. It's just fashion and that's it. You're either in the best fashion or get away from me."


  1. great post! really! there are aspects to fashion that can really touch you in a way more subtle way than just being trendy, looking good and impress.

  2. Awesome post...haven't seen this before, but I totally see what you're saying. I love how people can just be themselves in fashion.

  3. I've never watch this show before. Thanks for telling us about it. I need to look into it.

  4. “Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly.” Beautifully said...Great post! :)

  5. Interesting...I wasn't aware of StylelikeU

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  7. Woww thanks for turning me on to this!

  8. it is a great post. i so agree we need to be ourselves first before we can dress accordingly. however i know quite a few gals who think the dress can make the person.

  9. thanks for mentioning this great site; i'd never visited it before, and already i am hooked!
    i particularly like sonny groo's style philosophy...also elizabeth burns, who is stunning!
    this post brightened my morning today. :)

  10. so cool. i really adore Thomas's look and the fact that he listens to Sade.

  11. I can see this being very addictive!

  12. Thank you for the discovery! Not only is it addictive, but it is full with all the things that cruelly lack in magazines these days: stylish ladies over 40, people with beautiful basic style, people that are not necessarily in the fashion business and, thus, have an all the more fascinating take on garments.


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