Monday, September 28, 2009

Taking Notes:

Printed Silk Scarf/Foulard and garance dore

1. Printed Silk Scarves/Foulards are a relatively easy and inexpensive way to freshen up a look. I especially think black/gold options will blend seamlessly with my largely black work wardrobe.

White Piping Blazer
-via jak & jil/ zara/ street peeper / (Thom Browne Fall 2009)

2. I am excited to break out my Lexington and pairing it with my blue/white shirt. I’ve been paying attention to Thom Browne lately. White piped blazers and grey suits are very much his signature. I think a grey/white option would blend in seamlessly with my wardrobe. I am especially taking note of the top half of Zara’s styling option. Light blue shirts have a way of going with everything.

Grey Jackets cont'd
ph:dazed digital. "Psycho Killer"

3. To expand on grey jackets, I made a mis-step with my jacket. A darker collarless or a white piped option may have suited me better.

Piazza Sempione Fall 2009
ph:personal scan Piazza Sempione Fall 2009 Ad

4. Classic/Modern, I love this. White Shirt with U-Neck Sweater and Statement Necklace is transformative. I already have a u-neck top. Unfortunately, I had the traumatic incident of my favorite necklace shattering. I hope to find a comparable replacement during the holiday season. For future reference: how to wear a round collar without looking “cute-sy.”

ph: the sartorialist / personal scan: Dior Homme fall 2009 Ad

5. Nostalgia. This is pretty much the white male version of (the old) me. I miss it. Life evolves, naturally style follows.
As I consider the Thom Browne look, I like how Dior Homme rectifies the shorter inseam with boots.


  1. Love the lots-of-black and a little-bit-of-gold look in the first two images. Especially the tortoise shell touches.

  2. i love to use scarf to freshen up a look. you are right it is inexpensive and effective. good luck in the diamond giveaway. : )

  3. I really love the first two scarfs, very fresh up the looks.


  4. These tips are great. Like the scarf one.

  5. Everything here looks good to me. I seem to have a wandering eye.

  6. Love scarves! The black & gold is such a gorgeous combination! The u-neck sweater over the white shirt is simple yet so stunning!!! :)

  7. What a great line-up!
    I love the way the scarves are worn, and the white-piped blazers.

  8. everything here is appealing and classic but very chic. great idea with the scarf...
    as for round collars, the photo shows a decidedly un-cutesy solution.

  9. love this post. however, a printed scarf ought to be silk, and shouldn't be inexpensive, as you are buying quality and longevity. worth every penny, as it's something you will keep forever. I am still wearing ones from my grandmother.. they're over 50 years old.

  10. I like the contrast of the black and white.


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