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Pack Like A Pro
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Time certainly flies. I feel like it was only a month ago that I was packing my bags for Disney (in July), and here I am days away from my trip to Las Vegas!!! I like my traveling experience to be as seamless as possible, so here’s what works for me:

  • I only take a carry-on, so I pack light. Plus, my carry-on is heavy enough on its own. However, I am packing more than normal since I want to be a little tacky for Vegas and I need dressier and warmer options for evening
  • Ask yourself: Do I really need my laptop? I had a whole game plan for my laptop but I’ve scraped it, as it dawned on me that my laptop is going to be pretty useless to me. It’s refreshing to be away from the internet anyway.
  • I don’t put on my jewelry and watch until AFTER I pass through the security check point.
  • This may seem like common sense but know the rules and regulations of your airline and be prepared for the security check point. Have your ziplock and laptop ready, be polite, dress accordingly for the metal detectors, remember you’re going to have to take off your shoes, etc…
Claisse Affaires
  • I make an Everyday Essentials List. It’s all the stuff we use everyday, that’s so easy to forget. Like q-tips, hair ties, cellphone charger, pjs, etc… I pack the clothes in advance so all I have to do the night before or morning of is pack my essentials.
  • Plan itinerary in advance. To me it’s a waste of time to get somewhere and go “now what?” I figure out the TRANSPORTATION, maps, weather, costs, tickets, print-outs, etc… ahead of time. My traveling companion is the EXACT OPPOSITE so it can get very frustrating!
What to Wear:
  • I bring one pair of "Never Fail" jeans, which goes with flats or heels, and revolve outfits around them.
  • A jacket with inside pockets. A jacket gives instant polish to even the slouchiest clothes. And if you’re like me and can never hear your cellphone ringing, the inside pocket comes in handy. I’m bringing my shiny jacquard jacket which has 2 inside pockets and crazy copper lining to boot!
Jacket Lining
  • Plan outfits ahead of time, but things change so I pack items that can layer and mix/match. Maybe a little obsessive but I jot down each day’s outfit.
  • I normally only bring two pairs of shoes. A black driving shoe and a wedge boot. But I have to bring sneakers as I need closed shoes that won’t fly off my feet. Literally! So I’m at 3 pairs.
  • Those plastic zipper bags that sheets come in are handy for packing shoes.
Shoe Bag
  • My day bag (Kenneth Cole New York, Jet Stream Camera Bag, from 2-3 years ago) is a roomy medium sized bag, with zippered compartments, that can be worn crossbody. I’ve taken this bag to Disney and it fit a change of shoes (in my zippered bag), water bottle, umbrella, camera, sunglass case, etc… If it wasn’t for the bag’s ability to hold all this stuff, I may have flown off my seat during the Tower of Terror ride!
  • ****Very important**** Bring a "Never Fail" pair of sunglasses with dark lenses that flatter that face. Trust me, they are the saving grace of my vacation pictures! Added bonus: mine collapse.
What are your travel tips?
Also any recommendations/tips for Vegas?
Esp. advice on the walk-ability of The Strip, I do plan on taking the monorail to get around.


  1. Ooh! How exciting! Your packing tips are great! I'm packing a carry on for a weekend trip in 2 weeks time as well. And am (hopefully, *cross fingers & toes*) heading to Japan in December for xmas (must remind myself not to count chickens before they hatch though...) :)


    Hope you have a fantastic time in LV!

  2. There is a shooting range in Vegas where you can go and shoot basically any kind of gun you want. I've always wanted to go for "that" experience! GO! You will probably see a billboard for the place on the taxi ride from the airport.

  3. aha! now i get the vegas reference. you are an admirable packer. i will never win at this game. my biggest fear is not having the perfect outfit on whatever day. and somehow, an outfit that looks great one day, doesn't on another. harrumph! have a lovely trip. i really look forward to pics!

  4. exciting!

    your travel tips are much like mine. i fly frequently (well, not THAT frequently- but it seems so), that i've got my little routine down pretty well.

    well done, traveling w/ only a carry-on! i wish i could get away with just that, but i always shop when stateside, so i fly up there with an empty suitcase checked in! and one day, i'm going to travel without that bloody cumbersome!

    i haven't been to vegas since my teens, so i can't offer any tips in that department.

    thanks for sharing your tips.

    happy travels!

  5. great tips. i try to travel with a carryon too. it is so much easier than waiting for luggages....

  6. Great tips! Have so much fun in Vegas!!! #1 tip is - don't overstuff yourself at the buffets. It becomes pretty easy to do so with all the yummy food but know your limit, otherwise you'll be dragged through the casino because you can't walk from being overstuffed :)

    x ws x

  7. Great tips! The first pic made me laugh

    i couldn't agree more...especially with the sunglasses!

    Work allows to me travel constantly and so another wonderful tip i would say is to stuff an oversized, yet thin, duffle (lesport sac is the BEST for this: in your suitcase if you are traveling for more than a few weeks. That way if you take a weekend trip you can leave your heavy suitcase behind and pull out the shoulder bag!

    cheers and happy travels!

  9. I have no idea what to say about Vegas. I went for a different reason than everyone look at flashing lights and be around tacky magic. Just don't get suckered into gambling for too long, see a show, and enjoy the tackiness! haha

  10. Ahhh Las Vegas, how exciting :) I am such a neat freak when I travel, I have my suitcase and every daily outfit planned down to the littlest possible details. My travel outfit is pretty lazy to be honest, a pair of jeans, brown leather shoes, shirt, thin wool sweater and a windbreaker.

  11. What is interesting ... I find 'carryons' very ... annoying? LOL
    This oversized baggage takes up entire space causing softer, more fragile personal belongings either to be smashed or placed under seats... which limits already small leg-room...

  12. Vegas! Cool. Looking forward to hearing about the trip. I have to go out there every year for work and I have never been for just pleasure, so it will be good to hear your perspective.

  13. Funny I came across this now - I'm flying out on Friday for a week (to TX and CA). Like you, I only do carry on but how the heck do you stick to only 3 pairs of shoes?! I'm doing well if I narrow them down to 6... Good tips.


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