Monday, November 23, 2009

Liberace Museum: The Black Edition

Upside Down Monkey Fur Cape
Worn by Liberace at the LV Hilton in 1982 and during his cross-country tour the same year.
He first acquired the cape from actress June Havoc, and then had the cape designed for use in his show.
Costume design by Michael Travis. Fur design by Anna Nateece.
My personal favorite

Black Diamond Mink Cape
Diagonally worked floor-length natural black diamond mink cape with a matching mink scarf. Consisting of 500 top quality skins, the lining features 40,000 hand sewn rhinestones and weighs 150 POUNDS. Designed and produced in 1975. Liberace wore this cape many times during his shows in the 1970s and 1980s.
Fur design by Anna Nateece.

Black Sequined Suit Adorned with Piano Keys
This costume was not designed for the stage, but for Liberace's public appearances. Wore this black sequin suit adorned with beaded piano keys at a 1973 celebration for the publication of his autobiography. Also worn when he guest starred on the Cher special.
Design by Jim Lapidus.

Czar Nicholas Costume
Liberace wore this costume during his 1971 performances and on the cover of his autobiography.
When Liberace wore this costume on stage, he made his entrance accompanied by two Russian wolfhounds.
24-karat gold braiding. Inspired by a uniform worn by King George V of England. Royal red velvet surrounded by gold fabric and braiding with gold sequins and beads on the sides of the legs.
Costume design by Frank Acuna.

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  1. Only he could wear such stuff. I love it all.

  2. Naw, please feel free to keep 'em coming! That piano key suit is brilliant!!!

  3. i'm enjoying all your liberace posts. many of the pieces or even whole ensembles are surprisingly inspiring, if you approach them very basically- taking only a few elements and going with that, instead of a theatrical, costume-y approach. anyway, neat stuff.

    on a different note- thanks for the great tip on aventura zara! i plan to stop in on my next miami trip....maybe january..??



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