Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Liberace Museum: The Finale

Silver Beaded Costume and Platinum Azurene Mink Coat
Silver Beaded Costume and Platinum Azurene Mink Coat
Silver Beaded Costume
Worn by Liberace during his 1970s tours, most notably at the LV Hilton.
Adorned with rhinestones and pearls.
Worn under a floor-length platinum azurene mink coat, which featured a 36-inch opera cape trimmed in fox along the bottom edge.
The mink coat is worked horizontally with matching fox border and trimmed in beads.
Liberace wore this mink coat during his early 1970s appearances.
Beading by Michael Travis. Fur design by Anna Nateece.

Ice Blue Rhinestone CostumeIce Blue Rhinestone Costume
Ice Blue Rhinestone Costume
Worn by Liberace during his 1985 and 1986 Atlantic City and Radio City performances.

Rhinestone Baldwin Grand Piano
Rhinestone Baldwin Grand Piano
Rhinestone Baldwin Grand Piano
circa 1976
One of Liberace's favorites. Made to match his rhinestone costume and car. Last used in in Liberace's 1986 Radio City finale.
Liberace and his sponsor, Baldwin, were pioneers in the use of Plexiglas or Lucite piano lid so that the television cameras would get an unobstructed view during his 1950s television show. It allowed the audience to see the interior of the piano moving while being played. Due to its non-porous nature, Plexiglas or Lucite does not absorb sound thus increasing the piano's resonance.

The Rhinestone RoadsterThe Rhinestone Roadster
The Rhinestone Roadster
Customized in the style of a Duesenberg Roadster. Adorned with thousands of rhinestones to match Liberace's rhinestone costume and Rhinestone Baldwin Grand Piano. Last used int he final of Liberace's 1986 Radio City Music Hall performance.

1962 Phantom V Landau Mirorred Rolls Royce1962 Phantom V Landau Mirorred Rolls Royce
1962 Phantom V Landau Mirorred Rolls Royce
This particular model of RR Limousine is reportedly one of the seven models made with a retractable landau top.
Liberace used it on stage in the 1970s at the LV Hilton and in the 1980s at Radio City Music Hall.
This one in the Museum's collection is the only one with left-side steering wheel and covered with etched mirror tiles.
Before the car was mirrored, Liberace used it as his personal limousine in Palm Springs, CA.

Upright Mirrored Nickelodean Piano
Upright Mirrored Nickelodeon Piano
Circa 1945
Liberace customized this WWII period upright, Nickelodeon piano in the 1970s.
Liberace used this piano on stage at the LV Hilton and on the 1979 CBS television speical: Liberace, A Valentine Special.
Covered in etched mirrored tiles in a jeweled peacock feather motif and a rhinestone trim.
Clear glass front exposes the green glitter covered marimba.

Giant Rhinestone
Giant Rhinestone
This Giant Rhinestone is made of the purest full lead crystal and is the biggest rhinestone in existence!!!!
Donated by Daniel Swarovski, President of Swarovski & Company, Austria.
Weight: 50.6 LBS!!! 23 KG / Carats: 115,000

I hope you all enjoyed the over the top fabulousity of the Liberace Museum!!


  1. Wicked. Bling at its best! Thanks for the pictures.

  2. How absolutely unreal! I wouldn't mind some of my pieces for myself, hehe! :)

    In answer to your Q, I found my jkt brand new with tags on ebay, of all places!


  3. Absolutely breathtaking! Not that I could personally deal with so much bling daily, but woah. Oh and on the suit front I think it probably would be best to go for a classic length. I was looking at a Norton & Sons bespoke suit from 1908 today, and the back half of the opening was cut slightly higher so that it wouldn't break on the shoe! Hope you're having a wonderful week :)

  4. I can hardly believe my eyes- those cars, pianos, world's largest rhinestone!!!! I'm rendered nearly wordless!

    How fortunate that they let you take photos.

    It's all quite amazing.

  5. WOAH, these museums put a shame on ours - nothing to see here.

  6. fantastic, think my favourite was the purple and blues, i actually liked the blue and gold roccoco one.

    i actually thought liberace was much gaudier than this, but this is actually a lot less tacky than i imagined. i don't know if i'm disappointed, haha.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed these posts I can assure you!

  8. I have to see this the next time I visit Vegas! Thanks for the photos.


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