Thursday, November 19, 2009

Liberace Museum: The Gold Edition

Gold Lamé Jacket
After wearing a white suit of tails at his record-breaking Hollywood Bowl performance in 1952, fans were curious to know what Liberace would wear next. Up until that time, concert pianists usually wore black tuxedos when performing. Liberace wore a gold lamé jacket for the grand opening of the Riviera Hotel in 1955. From this point on, Liberace costumes were an expected part of his live performances. Liberace would later say that his costumes had "become an expensive joke."
Jacket designed by Sy Devore.

Gold Beaded Suit of Tails
The gold beaded and brocaded suit of tails worn by Liberace in 1968 on the popular Micheal Douglas TV Show.
Also used during his tours in England and his cross-country tours in America that same year.
This costume was worn before Liberace began to wear his elaborate capes.
Costume design by Frank Acuna.

Gold Satin Costume with Cape
Brownish-gold costume with matching cape first worn by Liberace in his 1983 performances.
Costume design by Micheal Travis. Fur design by Anna Nateece.

1972 Custom Bradley
The Custom Bradley GT, patterned after the "Gull-Wing" Mercedes Benz, has a Volkswager chassis and engine.
Liberace personally drove this car while spending time at his Palm Springs, CA home.
Gold flecks in the molding and brown crushed velour interior.
Sterling silver candelabra on each side of the car.
Designed and built by Thomas E. Lohr of Warren, MI.


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