Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Liberace Museum: Purple and Blue

Violet Costume with Ostrich Feathers
One of Liberace's greatest stage entrances featured this five-tiered cape created for the 1986 season at Radio City Music Hall. Liberace made his entrance wearing this cape suspended on a wire 25 feet above the stage!!
Each cape tier terminates in a row of ostrich feathers that change to increasingly darker shapes of violet. The upper tier is a "capelet" with a standing collar heavily decorated with sequins and rhinestones and topped by a row of sprouting coq feathers.
The cape lining has shimmering, organic sprays of lavender sequins dominating a field of white and silver. As Liberace swung his arms, the cape became shining "wings" as if Liberace was preparing to fly.
Glittering phoenixes and floral sprays adorn the shoulders and front of the jacket. The birds have sequined tails enhanced with ostrich feathers that would radiate outward as Liberace spun around, feathers sparkling in the light.
Costume design by Michael Travis.

Purple, Silver, and Lavender Costume
Patterned in an all over circular design. Worn by Liberace during 1984-1985 Radio City Music Hall performances.
With a matching floor-length cape trimmed with chinchilla fur.
Costume design by Michael Travis. Fur design by Anna Nateece

Blue Brocaded Formal Costume
With velvet collar and matching vest.
First introduced by Liberace in his 1969 television shows on BBC.
The knee-length cape was a "first" for Liberace.
From then on his capes were floor-length and remained that way for the rest of his career.
Costume design by Frank Acuna.

Blue and Gold Rococo Costume
Created for Liberace's 1985 Radio City Music Hall shoes. He wore this costume while playing his Strauss medley
on the blue and gold Steinway grand piano. He was also accompanied by the "Dancing Waters."
Costume design by Michael Travis. Fur design by Anna Nateece.

Royal Blue and Gold Steinway Grand Piano
circa 1900
Originally an off-white and gold color. Painted in royal blue to match one of Liberace's blue and gold costumes (see above). The lid has a musical motif in high relief including gold scrollwork. Often used on stage at the LV Hilton.
It is known as the "Dancing Waters" piano because Liberace would play it on a rotating stage during the "Dancing Waters" portion of his performances. Also used in Liberace's final performances at Radio City Music Hall in 1986.


  1. you are fortunate to see this. phenomenal, fantasy wear! i can't imagine more theatrical ensembles.

  2. that piano is something else... wowo.... xoxo

  3. Wow, these are absolutely unreal!!! :)

  4. I can't get enough of these liberace posts - so amazing haha!

  5. Hi H!

    Thanks for popping in on my fashion blog and leaving a comment:) I've browsed around your blog and it all looks interesting... I like your outfits - they are chic and effortless at the same time.

    A Paris kiss!

  6. I am loving this Liberace series! He was so ahead of his time... for women's wear. I love the gold/blue ensemble esp.

    Funny that you just commented on Style Odyssey's post about Zara.. we were just talking about it! I love that brand, the reason they can produce such variety is their factories are in Spain, they can make small runs, and they really listen to the sales people in each location - so they're making almost couture, customer-driven clothing that changes not just from country to country but, within a city, from neighbourhood to neighbourhood! Very rare for such a large brand, but that's probably why it's growing.


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