Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Icons of Fashion: The 20th Century. Part III

Donna Karan, In Women We Trust, ad with a female US president in pinstripes and pearls, 1992
Donna Karan, "In Women We Trust" ad with a female US president in pinstripes and pearls, 1992

Chanel, rtw black tweed suit autwnt 1995-96
Chanel, RTW black tweed suit autumn/winter 1995-96

Azzedine Alaia, elasticized suits, spsm 1988
Azzedine Alaia, elasticized suits, spring/summer 1988
Reminds me a lot of this 90s Dolce & Gabbana look.

prada ad 1998
Prada ad, 1998
"I make ugly clothes from ugly materials: simply bad taste, but they end of looking good anyway." (Prada 1995)

philip treacy aut/wint 1999.2000
Philip Treacy autumn/winter 1999-2000.

scans via Icons of Fashion: The 20th Century by Gerda Buxbaum


  1. Great selection. It really separates the masters from the rest of the bunch.

  2. What a beautiful end of year tribute! I agree: great selection. & also agree what you wrote on Brigidiero (sp?) re: weddings: a lot of fuss about one day.

    That said, wishing you a wonderful Happy New Year, -h! We're coming to WPB in January, maybe I could street shoot you on Worth Avenue?!

  3. That's an odd quote from Prada. What do you think she meant by that?!

  4. Thumbelina: I believe this is (as shown in the picture) a reference to her use of unusual materials and textures, like latex, mirror fragments, etc… I think a recent example of this would be her Fall 2007 collection, with the unusual textures, shaggy faux fur coats, and toxic/acid colors. I remember reading somewhere that she wanted it to look like something from a flea market. Even think one of the hallmarks of the brand is a simple black nylon bag, not something that traditionally considered a luxury item.

  5. I bookmarked this.
    Exquisite selection.

  6. How did you like this book? I have it now and although I thought the visuals were mostly very well-chosen, I found the text lacking more than once.

    P.S. Your scans are much better than mine. ;)


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