Friday, January 1, 2010

Dress My Nest

Which bed?
One of my new year's resolutions is to decorate my bedroom.

That said, interior decorating is not one of my strong points. My dresser is similar to the one pictured. My rug is not like this in pattern but in color. No fancy tv for me, I rarely watch tv to justify getting a new one. So, which bed works better here? I'm leaning towards the right. It seems to flow better with my existing and wishing thinking pieces.

Edit: The Taru Day Bed is my dream bed. I find walking through Z Gallerie so inspiring. Seeing this bed last year put the idea in my head to decorate my bedroom at some point. This bed is a little out of my range and I'm not sure if it's even still available. I'll try my luck and call the stores anyway. Though I'm sort of hoping I can keep it filed away in dream world. Does anyone else think like this? It is paradox of choice.

Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2010!


  1. I'm leaning toward the bed on the left. I think I like shape and style of tufting better than the one on the right, and also the fact that it looks more matte in texture (suede?). But I think that either works with the bureau. Let us know which you choose! Lauren

  2. i prefer the bed on the right- the black one w/ slightly simpler lines.
    my plan is to get a dark wood platform bed, such as one from West Elm.

  3. They're both lovely, but I think the first one is divine!

  4. I used to really want a bed with that kind of netting from the bottom image but I feel like it would get super gross after awhile? I prefer something more simple and clean like the first bed on the right.

    Also I'm a bit sad you don't like Macs, is there a particular reason? I find the design so sexy and groundbreaking each time. I hope the rumored tablet won't suck.

  5. the name of my blog is a special variety of prêt à porter. kisses^^

  6. i like dark color furnishing. wishing you the best in 2010. xo

  7. I prefer the bed on the right, too. For me, the lighter the better, and I love all white bedding. I'd love the idea of a sheer, simple white canopy, too. Like being in a tent in a warm climate.

    I for one think like this: our home is not the way we want it, but it's got great potential. And we've lived like this for years. So I spend most of my waking time fantasizing about interior design & a lighter, simpler, more modern home.

    You said the rug is not like that in pattern but in colour. Is it a persian pattern tho?

    I thought we were the last people on the planet not to have a flat screen tv. Even the in-laws in the English countryside had a nice new flat one at Christmas. I kind of love our big silver TV, it's so quaint. But I must admit, theirs really does have a scarily beautiful quality picture!

  8. p.s. sorry - I'm on a roll here - your site of the moment is great, and I saw this rug & thought it might look lovely in your bedroom. Unless you've already bought one:


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