Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Meet Up

Last week I got to meet up with Jill of Pics by Polka Dot and Stephanie of Style Odyssey while they were in town. Luckily, the frozen tundra south Florida was being at the time let up, and we enjoyed the beautiful weather and had a outdoor lunch at Max's Grille in Mizner Park.

lunch at Max's
My Blackened Mahi-Mahi Sandwich, fries, and key lime tarter sauce.

lunch at Max's
Stephanie and Jill both ordered crab cakes.

lunch at Max's
Stephanie and I split a crème brulée.

Jill's chain watch
Jill's cool chunky chain watch

Jill's sandals
Jill's pink sandals and gold bag.

Stephanie's Margielas
Stephanie's Margielas!!

Stephanie & Jill
I love this picture :)

I was there too!

Thanks for the great afternoon!!! I had fun meeting you both!!!
and Mr. Dot too ;)


  1. -h!!!

    so nice to see this up! you're the first one of us to post the meet-up. mine's coming soon...

    i really like the food shots (but, of course!) and our shoe pics. isn't Jill's watch awesome? looks vintage yet contemporary, a bit edgy w/ the chain.

    thanks again for a memorable afternoon! it was a huge highlight of my FL trip (i'm still around 2 more weeks...yay!)


  2. It's fun to meet up with other blogger.

    looks like you had a great time! love all the outfit!


    Ps: I'll fix ur link after this.

  3. oh! stephanie and her margielas - haha!!! hip girls you all - btw: jill has super killer legs - oh! i would kill for that, haha!


  4. I love those Margielas and the food looks so yummy.

  5. Oh my goodness that food looks to die for! I am salivating all over myself looking at these photos! Awesome Margielas too!


  6. -h!! Great post ; )

    I'm smiling as I'm typing this - it was such a lovely, lovely visit - you & Stephanie are just delights. I didn't want it to end. Mr. Dot, literally as we speak, is on the phone with a friend here talking about how he wants to get a home somewhere in South Florida but either way, we must do this again: soon. I'm hoping we'll get another trip in this spring.

    In typical -h fashion you didn't mention that you surprised us with gifts from Godiva. You're such a warm, generous old soul. And also, like a playful child.

    Sorry to get all gushy about this but one thing I've learned from this blogger meet-up is that all our connections - each of us - of the thousands of blogs out there.. what I'm trying to say, I guess, is I've discovered that when we become virtual 'blog-friends' with someone, that connection is real. I didn't know what to expect but I was surprised to realise how 'real' that friendship is. It's so random, the blogs we choose to visit again & again, but the people behind it.. I'm sure we'd have been friends if we met any other way.

    Okay, that's enough from me for one day. Now I must get to work on MY photos!

    thank you for meeting, & for taking the time to put this together. I hope Mr. Dot doesn't mind, I'm going to post the food shots, too!


  7. p.s.
    polka dot, i could not have said that any better!
    i'll be looking forward to our next meet-up. i have a feeling we will make it happen again...

  8. Stephanie, give me those margielas! lol ;)
    food looks delish, good i'm back from the restaurant so won't suffer.

  9. I'm so jealous with you H that you get you meet Jill. She's the sweetest person ever. I love to meet you and her one day in the future. xoxo Nini

  10. i love these photos and that food looks SO good... xx


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