Thursday, January 7, 2010

Old with New II
Kenneth Cole New York brown leather jacket
Norma Kamali black batwing sweater
Victoria's Secret striped top (worn backwards)
Used Jeans black wax jeans black combat boots


  1. Hey -h, congrats on moving! ; )

    I've just made the switch on my 'daily reads' list - couldn't have been easier.

    I love love love both looks - the 'batwing' sweater ANd the brown leather jacket with the striped top worn backwards. And love it with the skinny black jeans & combat boots! You've got such great style.

    Just a few days before we fly over, and I hear it's like freezing in Florida! Well at least you're getting to wear some of your winter outfits.

  2. The cardigan is terrific, it adds such unexpected volume and texture to the outfit.

    Is it hard to lift your arms? I've always found batwing sleeves tricky like that.

  3. i really like both versions a lot! nice to see brown, black and white worn together. it's much more interesting than always pairing- for example- a brown jacket w/ brown belt w/ black bag, etc. the mix here looks great.

    with that chilly FL weather, it's a great opportunity to pull out one's "winter" wardrobe. i arrive in south FL next tues, and am really hoping the weather stays cold- although most of my cold weather stuff is stored in another state; but i'll make do.

  4. Thank you for reminding me of how BADLY I wanted that Norma Kamali Batwing Sweater in black! I remember when it came out years ago and this girl walked into this shop I was working in wearing it and I was so jealous. Then I couldn't imagine spending nearly $200 on a cardigan though today, I think nothing would stop me (short of just not having the money). Totally jealous.

  5. queen of hearts: Luckily it's not even remotely close to that. ;)

  6. I love those boots! And you were born to wear skinny jeans! I'm really jealous, but in a good way!


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