Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Men of Style: Derek Flint of In Like Flint

Derek Flint of In Like Flint
I like how this outfit is unisex, good inspiration for spring/summer: layered kimono sweater, ankle length trousers, and gladiator sandals. Yes that is a dolphin jumping out of the pool. I'm telling you this movie is pretty funny.

Derek Flint of In Like Flint

Derek Flint of In Like Flint
Flint in Russia: note the duffle coat with fur collar with embroidered lining and shoulders.

Derek Flint of In Like Flint

I really enjoy watching In Like Flint, because it is such a good time. It pokes fun at all the James Bond type spy movies. Plus how can one not laugh at the witty dialogue and outlandish fight scenes. Now that I'm thinking about it, I may need to make Flint a part of my permanent collection.

Flint on his 3 live-in ladies:
Professor Cramden: "Didn't there used to be four?"
Flint: "Well, there were five at one time Sir, but that got to be a little too much. You see I'm trying to cut down."


  1. i have got to see this!! can't believe i haven't heard of flint movies. i adore james bond films, they're just so i'd definitely enjoy a parody.

    i clicked on the link, read it, and just laughed. yes, must see!

    the style: his kimono is quite nice and doesn't look like a bathroom, as one might think.

  2. I am loving this series, -h!

    Woke up this morning & was thinking about you so much. I can't believe I still haven't posted about our Boca meet up! It's so long ago now but I keep saving it for the 'right' time. Think I might do something now on just you (after all, Stephanie already got one post).. meantime before I started, my eye was drawn to Judy's post on Mad Men: I can't believe you didn't get into it! (S: do you get to see it in the BVI?) If you rent them from the first episode, I promise you, you'll love it. IMHO ; )


    p.s. about to click on the link now..

  3. Oh, that's magnificent! I must show Mr. Dot.

  4. mmm... they don't make 'em like that anymore! except maybe in london, where they have a tradition of suits that are cut close to the body (unlike the boxy american business suit) as well as easier access to made-to-measure.

    kind of has a steve mcqueen kind of look to him...

  5. Also love James Coburn in "Charade" (another Top Five film) as Tex. BTW, both Audrey Hepburn (in Givenchy) and Cary Grant have amazing wardrobes in the film.


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