Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dress for Success

wild card

images via success models


  1. I totally agree with your post title. When I dress well (not necessarily expensive), I feel more positive. Those guys are good looking. : )

  2. These guys are killin' it!
    Pretty boys in pretty clothes. Good stuff.

  3. yes yes yes! speaking of menswear. i'm back in my trench, the one i had cut. it's so hot here! it was actually too hot for it. crazy. but i do love it.

  4. i love the collection of black and white photos at the top! so beautiful! xx

  5. I love black and white photos,
    really intense, I love the
    shadows on the face on the third
    photo to the right .

  6. YUM! There's nothing like a man in a crisp dress shirt + smart jacket. Wonderful...

  7. sooo your look! ^^^^
    btw, i think you are one of the few who actually understood why i posted the ferrari...
    no one seems to read blogs, just
    look at the pix.
    xo chauss

  8. i would wear ALL these pieces.
    awesome shots. love the guy with the long, long brown hair.


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