Sunday, March 28, 2010

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I started Prêt à Porter P to have an outlet to share my inspiration style wise. Thank you for everyone who visits, comments, and links. One of my favorite things about all this is connecting with people I wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to meet. Some of the quiet attention Prêt à Porter P has gotten inadvertently raised the bar. I can’t put crap up on here anymore, because people actually look at this. So I’ve done a bit of spring cleaning: fixed up some missing posts, got rid of some that were less than. You may have noticed some recent posts have been a bit more blah blah blah, I try to give more of a personal voice. My men of style posts are my labors of love. As far as my personal style, I’m not very trendy. I have conflict with posting things I’ve bought because I don’t want to come off obnoxious, like I’m bragging. This is not my intention; and I apologize if for any reason I come off that way. I wonder what posts do you like? What would you like to see? I can’t promise to do it all, but I will take it into consideration. I will have some scheduled posts coming up, thanks again, and have a good weekend.


  1. Hi -h! Once again, was thinking of you + there was u were!

    I guess it's too easy to say 'whatever you feel like posting on is fine with me'? But it's true. I know that in general it's smart to stay focused to one type - self style, street style, etc - but I know I can't do it. I like the variety of posts you do - I know you're not remotely bragging when you post 'self style' - because I happen to know you're one of the most modest people I've met.

    I love your men of style posts, love your subtle, clever, sense of humour, but even when you posted shots of your closet - I lived vicariously thru that (with envy) for a while!

    So my answer is, you just go ahead and post whatever you like. I'm a loyal fan. (fyi: did you know the word fan is short for fanatic?)

    sending much love - wishing + hoping I'll be able to get back to Florida this spring - not very likely, but still holding out hope.. xox

  2. i quite enjoy your posts, all of them, especially your outfit posts.
    the men of style posts are awesome because most of the blogs out there cover women's style, what's 'hot' now, and are very trendy. i enjoy your take because it comes from an androgynous place that i personally love. i've never known you to come off as though you're bragging, but this post definitely made you seem MORE approachable if that makes sense. thanks for sharing despite whatever criticism you may have received. i, for one, thoroughly enjoy your posts in all their forms.

  3. I don't think as it comes across as bragging when you share your outfits, shopping, things in your post in a manner that's consistent with what inspires you - I can relate your men of style posts with your outfit shots for example.

    Anyway I always like your take on style and what intrigues you - like your travel photos, the scans from your books - and combined with glimpses of your personal style, it makes for inspiration for us readers :)

  4. I understand your want to have a place to collect inspirations and I like your selection and presentation better than a lot of others', but outfit posts are always my favorite. Maybe precisely because you're not "very trendy". :)

  5. If you're proud and happy with any type of post, I'm on board with it! Your passion will show! You don't need to post outfit posts to have a good blog but I'm sure nobody will think you're bragging by posting something you've just purchased, we'd just be excited for you and grateful for you sharing your timeless sense of style with us! :)

  6. you never come off as bragging. i like your tone. very even. and calm. and a sense of reassurance about what you like.

    i am always a fan of your menswear and menswear inspired posts. i love trench coats and suits!

    i LOVE the Liberace photos you posted. until i get to his museum i would never have known all those wonderful details. your screenshots are wonderful too. so perhaps these both fall under inspiration posts.

    i guess i am mainly watching how you are carefully and deliberately creating your wardrobe.

    you aren't hyper, i am often hyper in my commentary online, so i enjoy the opposite. and the fact that you don't say too many personal things is something i find interesting too. there is always a slight absence of information which comes off as {and i never use this word but...} classy.

    and now i've said too much!


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