Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Don't be afraid to imitate a look, but only if you can make it your own

Zara Fall 2007
For someone that's not a shoe person, I've been on a shoe buying kick lately. However, for me to buy a shoe I have to really loooove it.
I've been watching these boots since late last year.

I've had this kimono for going on 4 years now. A few days after I bought it, I went into Victoria's Secret and was immediately SWARMED by a bunch of sales girls. They were stroking the sleeves and the sash (since cut off), and demanding where I got it. Feeble me pointing to a rack, "I bought it from here the other day." They couldn't believe it!! lol! Sometimes you have to see things differently from the way they are presented to you. It all goes back to making it your own.

Victoria's Secret kimono (worn as shawl)
Gap shirt
Stowe Provisions japanese rising sun belt
Dior Homme jeans
Boutique 9 boots
Lupo bag

Also thank you to I Get a Fever for the feature.


  1. WOOAHH amazing, I love your version. Glad to see you in the DH jeans! I've been trawling thrift shops (and Zara!) for a similar kimono/shawl.

  2. It looks great! I once found an late 80's/early 90's Victoria Secret kimono at a thrift store and sold it. I've had sale regret ever since, it was gorgeous.

  3. Love the way you put your stamp on the look. Those boots are great - nice find.

  4. Cool story. I really like the way you've reinterpreted that kimono. Was it originally meant to be a robe? I ask because I have a Chinese embroidered robe that I plan to unsash and wear as a kimono-type jacket.

    Pertaining to your not being much of a shoe person, would you believe I had a few years where all I liked were either flip-flops or boots? Weird, right? In recent years, I've gone back to my shoe-loving roots!

    Your comment on Style Odyssey- No, I didn't get to All Saints, but will do so next time! I spent way too long in Fly Boutique (which really wasn't "all that"). I was w/ a friend, and we had several missions, plus she wanted to get out of Miami before rush hour. We ran out of energy and time. I'm going back to Lincoln Rd in June. I also plan to find The Webster on Lincoln.

  5. Fantastic! I love those two tone shoes. You mixed everything perfectly, as always :)

  6. Love the boots, colour is really nice.

    Ps: I wasn't good at hair straightening too! In fact it's not me It's the straightener called Ghd!! check it out, it works perfectly and super fast :)

  7. Style Odyssey: It's hard to tell in pictures because the sleeves are so voluminous, but it's too short in the back to function as a traditional robe. More for decorative use/beach cover up.

  8. Im a bit obsessed with those nine west boots, they are kind of the best thing they've ever designed?

    I totally agree that the BG window reminds me of Betty Whites SNL. What's funny is it came before the episode, so was SNL inspired by the windows?

    I'll be visiting my home in the woods for the first time in over 6-7 months memorial day weekend and I think I'll be able to gather her collection together for a quick photo for you <3

  9. those boooooots.
    i love this whole outfit, but the boots and kimono are the clinchers. great combo!

  10. Oh i like both looks, very casual, comfy but still so stylish. : )

  11. The silky kimono totally makes this outfit. So funny that the sales girls didn't recognize it!

  12. love your stylized version of the kimono.
    finally had time to look up betty catroux, she does seem to share a chauss-like 'tude with me.
    xo chauss

  13. Okay, those shoes are great. And that's saying a lot because I own a total of... 1 pair of flats right now, and I AM a shoe person! I just never fall in love with flats the same way I fall for heels, I guess. We might have matching shoes, shortly. Lauren

  14. Fantasic. You never let layers and volume overwhelm you.


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