Thursday, May 6, 2010

Marcel Boots

Do you remember when I mentioned how I would like to find my own pair of "Marcel" boots? Actually before Marcel, I admired the boots from Dior Homme Fall 2005, which I continually default back to for inspiration.

Exhibit A
Marcel Boots Part 1
I did order these Apepazzas a few months ago. They were a half size too small, reality check, I had to send them back.
Moment of silence. I was also eying these and these, but not quite right...

Exhibit B
Marcel Boots Part 2
My vigilance paid off as I spotted these on ebay last month.
Michael by Michael Kors, for less than 30 bucks. Estoy contenta.


  1. Love the new boots -and of course, I love that you got such a great bargain. Checked out the others you were considering and these are def. my favorites. Holla!

  2. It pays to be persistent and vigilant. Well done!

  3. Victory! I find stalking on ebay incredibly exhausting, amazing how you do it.

  4. Kors for $30 is quite nice! Congratulations on your find.

  5. Well spotted! They are so your style, can't wait to see them in a shoot. I know you normally like heels & these are a great way to keep within your own style and yet wear flats.

    It's funny, in London they're called Chelsea boots I think, and Mr. Dot was mad about getting a pair for a while. He was dragging me everywhere (but ultimately he didn't: maybe he realised he's too old).

    Haven't visited in a while.. I've missed the luxury of hanging around your blog. Now I've got lots to go back thru. I miss you! Gearing up to do a post about that lovely lunch. xox

  6. Excellent looking boots. What are you going to wear with them?
    Etsy is pretty good for finds too.

  7. Isn't ebay the sh*t! between ebay and craigslist I never have time to go out and actually shop at stores, perhaps a blessing in disguise. I'm always flattered when you like something I wear, mainly because I think you are one of the few bloggers that have impeccable and unwavering taste :-) I scored the navy blazer at goodwill, I think its Kasper, lol. Thought about getting the one at Zara that was so beautiful but I didn't want to spend the 100 bux, glad i didn't :-)

  8. Funky Vintage Elegance, that is how I would call these beauties. Great find!!

  9. Stacy: I've been wearing them with suits so far.

  10. Very cool!
    Please post some more pics of your suits when you have time - they look very polished, extremely fashionable and professional. I find it difficult to hit all three nails on the head at the same time and you do an amazing job! Very inspiring.

  11. that's quite a score. i've been hunting for a very similar pair for a bit, but was pretty much unsuccessful, so i'm hunting for something similar (although it's spring already) but it MUST be the right price point. funny, i found those IDENTICAL items on my own hunt.


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