Monday, June 28, 2010

Best of Spring Summer 2010

Kenzo Prints ss2010
Kenzo SS 2010
I love the Moorish prints at Kenzo. Also the cobalt calf hair clutch is stunning as well.
I saw Knight and Day a few days ago and I loved the Moorish tiles of the house in Spain.

Givenchy Prints ss2010
Givenchy SS2010
I loved the prints at Givenchy this season. If you have an eagle eye like I do, you'll notice a similar motif at Kenzo.
Tischi continues to win my heart using traditional "Arab" prints as a recurring theme in his work.

I'm sure there are other collections that were good; but, Kenzo and Givenchy stand out as my favorites.

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  1. I really love the olive-coloured version of that Givenchy print. So pretty.

  2. incredible. i like a lot of these, especially the kenzo. dramatic cuts, light fabrics and exotic prints spell "summer" to me.

  3. i adore the shoes at the kenzo show! i hope to see more of those. and i've been liking givenchy a lot lately too. this collection is no exception. ~joelle

  4. You're absolutely right: these are by far the most interesting prints, cuts, and looks I've seen all summer. You have superb taste, -h.

  5. I read somewhere the movie was really shot in Spain, in Seville, and I can see where the Kenzo pieces are coming from. The colours for come reason remind me of chocolate packaging (in a good way!).

    I love the Givenchy prints for being not too literal a reference, but I love the joy of the Kenzo prints. One for sunny days and one for gloomier days then.

  6. Oh yes indeed the cobalt bag. I had a pair of velvet pants that color once... The Kenzo reminds me of Bennetton in the early/mid 80s. Remember those campaigns?

    Thoughts on Dries van Noten's 'tribal' SS 2010?

  7. oh gorgeous post, love the olive colours!

    love your blog :)

    come visit mine sometime?


  8. Stacy: for some reason DVN's runway presentation does nothing for me, but when I see the pieces individually or worn on other people it's very beautiful.

  9. such great prints! i'm usually all against prints but the textures make it alright. :)
    i especially love the givenchy printed platform wedges.

  10. I do like the color palette of DVN SS/10 but I can't shake my early 90s flashbacks of folk fests and ikat pants. I had a green and gold pair with tassles at the hem...

  11. the givenchy collection never appealed to me on runway pictures (like dries van noten to you), but when i saw it in store - breathtaking. simple white (jersey) dresses with huge necklaces. so simple yet so gorgeous!


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