Monday, July 12, 2010

Navy Blazer with Gold Buttons

Navy Blazer with Gold Button
Not like I need these pictures to reaffirm what I've loved for a long time. As a kid, I would pester my dad to wear "that jacket with the gold buttons."

Now onto a good (half off!!) sale buy. Theory was able to track down a Blinn blazer in my size and they didn't even charge me shipping or tax. I find Theory has the best sale price, better than Saks and Barney's if anyone's interested. I haven't been able to wear the blazer casually since it's just been too hot, so a professional look:
Theory Blinn blazer, Zara blouse, vtg scarf,
Express trousers (6 yrs strong), 9w boots

mood board images via facehunter, the sartorialist, cafe mode, olsen fan,
kate moss fan, jak & jil, wire image, (runway: dolce & gabbana ss2005)


  1. Love the open collar and cravat under the ultra femme cut of the blazer and slacks. This is the way to do menswear.

  2. Theory does have great sales - the trick is finding the right size. Congrats on your score!

  3. hooray for theory! you know i'm a fan, too. i didn't know their shops had better sales than the dept stores. i used to buy my theory from bloomingdale's (aventura)...they had awesome sale racks in july, loaded with my size. i would spend hours! but now i know: theory is the place to head for the sales.

    this is a classic jacket that every professional wardrobe should have. yours adds just the right touch of chic, and can be worn with so many things. i'd love to see you do a jeans look with striped shirt perhaps, and boots. but in winter, of sense sweltering in this heat any more than necessary!

  4. Love that collage, and seeing your inspiration/background on an outfit!


  5. I had a "wow" moment when I saw your picture. And I love the little layers you've added to your look without overpowering the "wow" of the jacket.

    The fact that it's a good buy plus awesome service is the sort of heartwarming perk I treasure! Can't wait to see how else you rock this jacket.

  6. classic and chic, but the double pockets make it modern as well. i love love love this blazer!! the cut is fabulous.


  7. The cut of the jacket is perfect for you!

    I have a double breasted Ports navy with gold buttons around here somewhere from back in the late 80s. If the shoulder pads aren't too big it may just work again. If I can find it I'll post it. Used to wear it with winter white wide culottes style trousers.

  8. It looks great! I really do want to buy a double breasted blazer.

  9. i'm not very good with words today, but your outfit is lovely!

  10. nice selection of navy jacket!
    I love that one that you're wearing!!!

  11. I kind of like that you waited so many years to get your blazer. It looks like I'll have to wait just as much though -- it's nearly impossible to find one that fits to a t.

  12. It's perfect! I'm still searching for the perfect navy blazer with gold buttons.r

  13. So so so0o0o chic! If I saw you walking down the street in that outfit I'd stop in my tracks! ;)

  14. I really want one. Maybe in grey heather, but navy is so classic. Love the images with the flared jeans.


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