Friday, July 2, 2010

Woman of the World

Woman of the World
Woman of the World - Town & Country - March 2010

I love contrasts: east meets west, casual mixed with glamour...
This picture of Ujjwala Raut (Tom Ford era model) takes my breath away. The label is not important here; I find this look very accessible. However, this is an example of how Dries Van Noten does not appeal to me on the runway, but seen individually or on other people it does.

ps. The Guess Who??? answer is up.

-personal scan-


  1. I absolutely love this shot. I think it works better because it is more accessible a version of the Van Noten runway shot. I think fashion always looks more alive off the runway, because whilst the runway is the pristine location for presentation, the actual life of the garment exists in everyday life. The homely setting, movement and more intimate nature of the shot make it alive. I really do love the print!

  2. That photo is truly breathtaking. Wow.

  3. I think once you have some labels in better context - like editorials, where you can create a world of similar aesthetic within the photograph - they make more sense and thus become appealing. Like this one. In this room and this photograph, the clothes are at their best.

  4. Love this photo; one of those I can stare at for hours. The pose captured, the setting, the styling, the lighting, it all comes together and holds me transfixed.

    I understand what you mean about Dries, I love looking at the clothes on the runway but I'd always wish I saw more of it styled in editorials, or on people on real life.

  5. Now how would one tie that?

    You know when you learn something new and then everywhere you look you see it? Ikat.

  6. That is a really cool warm, so powerful and magical :D



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