Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mastering Any Style - Part 2

I thought it would be fun to showcase examples from the Lucky Guide.
Some items overlap genres and some pictures are from a few years ago, so sorry about the wonky quality.
euro chic
satin trim tuxedo, fancy everyday watch, narrow satin pant, black ankle boot,
sequins tank, skinny black belt (I don't have this belt anymore)
American Classic: There's my pearl necklace in better days. RIP :(

american classic
cream cardigan, v-neck sweater vest, casual flat sandal, round face watch,
shawl collar/grandpa cardigan, white tee, crocodile day bag
Gamine: charm necklace, canvas & rope bag, wide leg trousers

double breasted cardigan, striped boat neck top, wide leg trousers, stainless steel diver's watch
trench coat, belted cotton tunic (pre bleach stain), skinny jeans
Euro Chic: peep toe pump

Euro Chic, American Classic, and Gamine represent the core of my wardrobe. There still is my love for long dresses, fabulous prints, edgy, and rock & roll elements. However, you won't see me in fringed moccasins, latex leggings, and red motorcycle jackets to put me fully in a Bohemian, Avant-Garde, or Rock & Roll category. I like to mix up the pieces in my wardrobe to suit whatever mood I'm going for that day. I can wear a tuxedo in a very Saint Laurent elegant way and then flip it to more street with slouchy pieces and combat boots. In the summer it's about a looser silhouette and over the top prints, where in the winter it's 3 piece suits and black boots. It may seem like style schizophrenia, but there is always discretion and the repetition of my favored silhouettes tying it all together.


  1. I like your style...very clean, minimal, no-fuss. It's modern but classy. Um, and did I see a RED BIRKIN?!

    ♥ V

  2. Excellent post. Your wardrobe is classic and efficient - a sure sign of someone with natural style.

  3. I agree, great post! My favourite outfits are the last one for 'gamine' and for 'euro chic' (with the pearl necklace). Love 'em!

  4. The b&w Euro Chic photo is the very epitome of euro chic with the blazer and background.

  5. Amazing looks, and it's so great to see them all in one post!

    You work with proportion really well. And you will never be out of style with your wardrobe!

    (Slightly disappointed not to see the DH long vest, that is my favorite of your pieces ;-)

  6. koko: a long vest/sleeveless coat isn't one of the items the book lists in these categories. That thing is "Sith Chic" essential ;)

  7. Lovely! You switch around so effortly and subtly. I would love to be able to dress so definitively.

    And that double-breasted cardigan is sooo good, it's the Brooks Brothers one right? It's still on their website and I'm sort of tempted..

  8. haha, your DH vest is "sith chic essential". i love that!

    i often long to dress this definitely, with a pared-down ease, but then when i do it, i miss the other stuff in my wardrobe. fashion schizophrenia for sure! but that's just me. :)

    once again, i am impressed w/ your sense of unwavering elegance and defined choices. each of these looks suits you perfectly. and what no one has mentioned yet is, while you have a frame that could pull off virtually any style, you stick with what works for you, the person, without succumbing to trends for the sake of looking trendy. i LOVE that.

  9. oh i love the tuxedo on you. very stylish!

  10. i love this. i was thinking today that i really need to master my silhouette as my body type does not seem to be suited by just any old item anymore. which sucks. i'd like to have an interchangeable wardrobe. educate me, p!!!

  11. Nice nice outfit! My fave is the gamine! And your legs look soooo long in the last picture! I'm jealous (in a good way)! Please, at least say you're wearing high heels! lol!

  12. Emmy: hehe. thanks! I either wear high or flat, no in between. ;)

  13. so funny you mentioned betty catroux today to me, i was thinking you mentioned someeone a while ago on my blog,but forgot who.
    so if i give you lottery nos in the future, play them.
    love the very first look on you.
    xo chauss

  14. you pull off american classic splendidly!

  15. Have to say I like the Euro trends the best, so chic. x x

  16. Euro chic is by far my favourite. Heck I wish I dressed more like that. Although I do love that first Gamine look, you double breasted cardigan looks gorgeous.

  17. I love every bit of your style! One of the chichest (and I know I overuse the term chich in my comments to you but I mean it!) on the net! ;)

    ps that U neck sweater over that button up shirt is very interesting. In feel like I never see a U neck over a button up. Or maybe I don't get out enough?? Either way it's cool lol

  18. cool post! i love when you do posts like this. the euro chic style is my favorite.!!

  19. I absolutely love the way you dress. I love all the outfits here but my favourite is the American Classic one with the monochrome whites and then that burgundy cardigan. I get a lot of inspiration from your posts!!! :)


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