Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mastering Any Style

I enjoy reading all the various style guide books. Harper's Bazaar Great Style and Style Clinic are currently in my stack. I read
Lucky Magazine's Guide to Mastering any Style about a year ago. There were other styles I pull bits and pieces from, but as my wardrobe consists of mainly "the classics" these are the 3 styles that reflected me best. I put in bold the items that I'm lacking.

Euro Chic
euro chic

satin trim tuxedo, contrast trim cardigan, shawl collar jacket, bouclé jacket, crocodile pumps,
ruffle blouse, sheer lace blouse, silk/lace lingerie top, sequins tank, black ankle boot, peep toe pump
narrow satin pant, flat front work pant, fitted white trouser, snakeskin clutch, structured day bag,
fancy everyday watch, luxe weekend duffel, skinny black belt

I used to have that shawl collar jacket; I let it go as it was too "retro" for me. It would be nice to find a true white (not ivory) one. I used to have a bouclé jacket from f21. It would unravel more each time I wore it, so eventually I let that go too. The sheer lace and the silk/lace lingerie top are inter-changeable. I remember 6 years ago, Express did these beautiful silk lace camisoles, I wish I would have bought one then. I'll casually browse ebay for them, though it's not something I have much use for.

American Classic

american classic

denim jacket, shawl collar cardigan, grandpa cardigan, cream cardigan
vneck sweater vest, white tee, white shirt, crocodile day bag
dark rinse straight leg jean, white jeans, suede driving shoe, casual flat sandal,
pearl necklace, pearl studs, stud earring, round face watch

This necklace featured is very similar to the pearl necklace I traumatically shattered last year. I have two pairs of driving shoes (white and black), but not in suede.


striped cardigan, double breasted cardigan, chambray shirt, trench coat
striped boat neck top, classic crew neck tee, belted cotton tunic
skinny jeans, wide-leg trousers, stainless steel diver's watch, charm necklace, canvas & rope bag, duffel handbag, black scarf

I don't covet a duffel handbag. I do have a belted cotton tunic, but it's unfortunately stained with bleach. If the right ones comes along I'll replace it, though it's nothing I'm actively looking for. As noted above, I'm lacking a dark wash slim jean.


  1. Thanks for sharing these...I'm definitely a Euro girl. Guess it's in the blood. PPP, are you near Style Odyssey now (geographically)?

    ♥ V

  2. I like how your various influences complement each other, and it's also great that you have such a clear idea of what you like. I should check out those books too, though personally I've never made it through reading any style books.

  3. from what i've seen on your blog, looks like you've categorized your style pretty well.

    i've always been curious about the Lucky guides, but never actually picked one up, i was never a big fan of their fashion editorials. maybe i'll browse through next time i'm at a bookstore...

  4. your well-edited selections and philosophy on wardrobe-building are to be admired. the average person could learn much from this post.

    -h, you could do nicely w/ a pair of J Brands in slim cut, dark wash. have you worn J Brand before? they seem just your style- i personally like their clean aesthetic, no bells and whistles, and the fit is fantastic. reminds me, i could do w/ a black pair myself...

  5. style odyssey: I've tried J Brands before and I don't like the way they fit me.

  6. Great post. I'm striving for that gamine style!

  7. Mhm, very interesting! Perfectly beaked down to particles! And now my analytical mind wonders in which style would my wardrobe put me? :)

  8. these are really great templates. i would like to have my collection as well-edited as this. i'm getting there, but i still envy your ankle boot collection!
    and i have yet to see you in something sparkly like the 'euro chic' dresses you have.

    i also really love waffle knits. it's just an added layer of pleasure to touch my clothing and find a nice texture (cashmere, raw silk, waffle) so i have been trying to add more to my wardrobe.
    i realize i need far more tops, simple ones i can wear just about everywhere, but the quality thus far has been lacking in most brands. may have to check j. crew for additional staples...unless you have suggestions! we will both need to work out butts off to afford much of this stuff, i think. lol.

    OH, and the maggie q show starts in...september? i think? i have no tv. so you will have to do an update. ;-)

  9. Love all the classics look, but 'gamine' is probaby my favourite...trenchcoat, stripes and the military-ish cardi? Brilliant!

  10. om nom nom i want those stripes!
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  11. I am a cross btw Euro Chic and American classic. : )


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