Sunday, October 31, 2010

About Classics


In Praise of the Classics by Lisa Armstrong
Personal scan via Harper's Bazaar 2007ish


  1. i like uma's outfit most. would love to own a great pair of basic flats.

  2. I'm thinking more and more to add the iconic Chanel black and beige flats featured in that article.

    Interesting article, I found myself agreeing to many points like the fact that with time you know what works for you or not.

  3. another great post, -h. you have most of these in your wardrobe, don't you? i think so.
    i have most of these myself...not the birkin, though (i'm rather ambivalent about this bag) and the bow belt (i personally wouldn't call that a classic. admittedly i'm biased- can you imagine me wearing a bow belt? i'd look, like, 11 years old! i don't see you wearing a waist bow, either. i'm not entirely sure kate blanchett can pull it off...)
    and i recently dug up and got rid of my wide leg jeans, opting for skinnies as my preferred cut.
    what's great about these styles is one can interpret them within one's own perimeters to individualize according to personal taste and body type. just like writer lisa armstrong stated: "we've all got classics. it's just that they're not necessarily the same as everyone else's." well said!
    again, great post, good reminders about wearing classics.

  4. I couldn't agree with this article more!

    "If it makes you look like a pear of a frump, then it's not part of your personal classic canon." HAHA!! This is spot on.

  5. I have a neverending fascination with the Birkin, mainly because I cannot decide whether it's classy or conservative. It is extremely versatile, though, I give it that.

  6. I remember this article, and I love how she tried to articulate a theory about classic that isn't fixed or too rigid - thanks for sharing it!

    I also remember wishing I looked like Kate Moss in flared jeans and FLAT sandals. It never works for me.

  7. hehe, i can't believe they included "tank top" in there, a bit random.

    for my own purposes i define a "classic" as something you spend your entire life trying to find the perfect version of - like the perfect white button-down, or the perfect go-with-everything-bag, the perfect black jacket, etc.

    i suppose all these things have stood the test of time, especially considering how fickle fashion is.

    at what age do you think it's acceptable for someone to carry a Birkin? i feel like there's something's a bit off with twentysomethings carrying Birkins. i have been contemplating a small Kelly, though, like the 28 cm or 32 cm, perhaps in the smaller size it would be a little "younger" and more playful?

  8. Ah, classics...I agree with koko/res pulchrae that I often I am on the quest for the perfect 'classic' pieces, and it is so satisfying once I find it (although I am always on the look out for more, haha, probably because they are such perfect staples).

    Have yet to cross Birkin/Kelly, Jaeger/Rolex/Cartier, Chanel boucle suits, diamond studs & LV luggage off my list though! *sigh* Maybe one can dream, no? :)

  9. love this ed! such a great go-to when one is in a fashion flummox/


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