Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Harper's Bazaar Great Style

I like how Harper's Bazaar Great Style: Best Ways to Update Your Look is a collection of all the features and layouts that I loved about the magazine. Nowadays, I feel like it's too cluttered.
Jet Set
The Tuxedo 1
The Tuxedo 2
It's a pleasant surprise to see "The Tuxedo" featured in a style guide.

Meryl StreepBianca Jagger in white tuxedoDemi Moore in YSL
Whether in a full on look or in a looser adaptation, the tuxedo transcends time. I think even Demi Moore's "total look" from Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche by Tom Ford FW 2003 is timeless in its own way. Carine Roitfeld still wears her "nip" skirt from this collection. Timeless doesn't have to mean basic.

Gemma Ward in Balenciaga
Before Balenciaga went all futuristic lego space ship, they did beautiful collections like this.
Gemma Ward in Balenciaga SS 2005

Donna Karan
“Start with a basic foundation and build upon that.
Style comes from within, and if you stay true to yourself,
you have style.” -Donna Karan

Gwenthy Paltrow
Wearing vintage YSL on the far right.

Stella McCartney in suitJennifer Connely

Bazaar's 10 Commandments of Dressing
When contemplating a purchase or just deciding what to wear, consider these tenets and you can’t go wrong:
  1. Know what you like and what you don’t.
  2. Dress for yourself—not for anyone else.
  3. Dress to suit your age.
  4. Dress to suit your shape.
  5. Look appropriate for where you are going.
  6. Wear your clothes with confidence.
  7. Feel good about what you spend your money on.
  8. Embrace your individual style.
  9. Don’t be a slave to the latest trend
  10. Don’t be afraid to break the rules.
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  1. In the "Tuxedo Look" feature - the white, low-cut, ruffle blouse and the high-waisted black trousers. FEVER.

  2. I agree about Bazaar's tendency toward clutter. I just bought a 1993 Bazaar on ebay and the layout is so minimal, so elegant. What ever happened to restrait? Sigh.

    Also, I love Gwenyth's boots in the mid pic. Any idea what they are?

  3. Too much stuff on pages just becomes...stuff.

    I love Gwyneth Paltrow when she keeps it simple.

    "futuristic lego ship" - love this line!

  4. The coat on the first pic is gorgeous!!

    xoxo Fatima

  5. I had those bracelets - they were my Grandmother's - in 'Fabulous at Every Age' until someone broke into my apartment and stole ALL my jewelry. No, I'm still not bitter...

    I don't like that cluttered look. It reminds me of InStyle Magazine - which reminds me of Women's World which reminds me of a K-Mart flyer...

    I am a big fan of Harper's UK though. I find it has good looks 'for work'.

  6. I have this guide and really like it. It just exacerbated my tuxedo obsession though... I also have become a big fan of the UK Harper's magazine and enjoy the layout. Don't know how it compares to the US version in terms of clutter but then again I am a bit of a clutter freak. I love that Balenciaga pic too - what an outfit.

  7. This reminds me once again - I need to find a tuxedo jacket! Desperately!
    Oh, yes, I loved that Balenciaga collection! And still do :)

  8. I LOVED that Balenciaga ad !!!! I used to have pants like that..I was obsessed with that nautical, navy and gold collection! Gwenyth always looks flawless and I love the TUXEDO looks!!! Meryl Streep look amazing!!! Great post!!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  9. i guess bazaar is trying to stimulate the free world's economy...
    btw, did u see lanvin for h & m pix
    with tuxedo jacket/dress?
    xo chauss

  10. bazaar's 10 commandments- what else needs to be said about personal style? i'm going to print them and post on my inspiration board when i get it set up.
    i'm done with American fashion mags in general. they all have too much clutter and uninspiring ads. i don't mind ads, just don't care to see Guess and JCPenney's and the like- not in Vogue! and don't get me started on the celebrity fixation- although i don't mind small editorials of what they're wearing, just not on the mags' covers or the cover story.
    rant over.
    these are brilliant examples of timeless style. another inspiring post, -h. keep it up.

  11. i didn make it to RO this trip. do have video of me dancing in the cheslea market shops.
    i think u should get a great selction of lanvin stuff at h&m bc it is new store, i buy the tights whenever i get to one. f21 tights has gotten disapointing.

  12. gosh so many blazers I covet in this post.

    I really like GOOPS gray tuxedo number and the white Balenciaga..good lord, lol.

    hmm I wonder if I have a tux-jacket but Im sure somewhere buried I must.

  13. sooo true! The "Don't be a slave to the latest trend" is always a little hard for me to follow at the beginning of a new season (having all the fantastic fashion shows still in my mind).

    loooove the outfits of the first three ladies in your post. timeless and still sexy :) especially demi's YSL outfit.

    and gwyneth when she still knew what suits her best. gorgeous. shame she's kinda lost it in my opinion.

  14. Great post - I love the 10 commandments. Especially don't be a slave to the latest trend... too true.

  15. I love this feature too! Although I feel kinda sad that now I belong in the 30s!!! lol! Anyway, that Demi Moore looks is amazing and those blue balenciaga pants are a dream!

  16. wow, thank you for sharing. these are very good tips, do you mind if i copy+paste the commandments of dressing (i'll give you full credit!). extremely great and useful!!

  17. Sister Shirely: No ID on the boots, but I'm assuming they're not current, this picture must be some years old.

    Stacy: I feel like I've seen good 'work' inspiration in the UK magazines too.

    Style Odyssey: Perhaps with declining readership magazines can't be picky about advertisers. Maybe the target market is changing or people are downgrading on certain items, but we still want to dream. So if an editorial features a Balmain, Chanel, etc... jacket but then the jeans are Guess, the more attainable item starts too look really good.

    Emmy: I always preferred Bazaar's 30+ features, even the 60-70+ ones to the 20s one.

    Fleurette: Of course :)

  18. Bianca Jagger in a pant suit will forever be iconic!

  19. I've got a little obsession starting with flared pants, which I see a lot of in your edit here. So flattering. So mad I got rid of so many over the years!

  20. As I scrolled down this post, I was "wow" ing all of the way... these pieces are just gorgeous and I would certainly wear them all! fabulous post.



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