Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Honorable Mentions FW 2010 Round-Up

Celine by Phoebe Philo
Celine FW 2010

The Row
The Row FW 2010

Derek Lam dress / Dsquared² trench
Honorable Mentions doesn't escape me that these two looks are complete opposites of each other. Dsquared², in my opinion, is a label that doesn't really have a distinct identity. Don't even get me started on those bone heels that everyone seems to love but strike me as gimmicky. As in crazy shoes are the thing right now, so they went ahead and did a crazy shoe. Nevertheless, good trench is good trench, and it's more their overall styling that will catch my attention (see FW 2008).



  1. Just read your excellent comment just before shutting down for the night - you're right, Ines's return IS a big deal (I was going to write about it but it was already such a long post). Last year when I started my blog I met a woman here in London - Knightsbridge - wearing what at the time were crazy, high black shoes. I shot her with these two brothers who were the designers for Dsquared. I meant to get in touch -they gave me their card - but I didn't. I do remember tho that she said her feet were killing her but they were her friends and she had to wear the shoes!

    Okay, goodnight. By the way I am loving your 'round ups': you are so smart, and I love your taste. LOVE Phoebe's work!!

    Sorry - one last thing: Kevin read that the Liberace Museum is closing, did you hear that? I was so sad, I told him about your wonderful posts.

  2. polka dot: Yes I know about the museum. They are putting the collection in storage (good that they're not selling it off). They are hoping to find a location on The Strip. The museum is/was in a deserted plaza in the middle of nowhere.

  3. Loved Celine & The Row FW2010! That Derek Lam dress is divine!!!

  4. Love The Row collection.
    I'm wearing that black pashmina I bought earlier this Fall in the same fashion as photo #1 today with a chocolate snakeskin belt, black trousers and my black Frank Foti lizard Beattle boots from Etsy. Go MK & A!

  5. Nothing like the Row to feed an addiction to black! Loving the trouser shapes they are putting out.


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