Friday, December 3, 2010

Just Tell Me What You Want

You know I'm a good girl scout.


  1. "i'm a british nanny, and i'm dangerous", haha. is that what he said??
    that decor is awesome.

  2. Style Odyssey: haha yes. It’s a very wacky silly crazy movie, but with a great leading cast. (Even my body count movies must have a good cast). Her room is very sumptuous and decadent, but then there are rather interesting placements of teddy bears, cribs, and baby bottles. I don’t think it’s visible in this clip but she had a shelf lined with all different colored fluorescent baby bottles. Utube links to different clips of this same scene at the end that show it better.

  3. I love Clive soooo much!!! He's soo sexy! I remember this movie. It was soo over the top but still very entertaining. And Monica? Well, she's just one of the most beautiful women in the planet. Face and body wise! So in other words, great post!

  4. 5K might entice me to babysit - for a night.


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