Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Norma Kamali: Terry

Norma Kamali
via nkc


  1. I love Norma Kamali. Last week I bought a Norma Kamali blouse at vintage store. YAY! :)


  2. i THINK i remember this collection...when was it? there was a big sweatshirt/pants/etc trend in the late 80s/very early 90s.
    i want the cape thing at the right.
    side note, i bet you're loving the chilly weather now! (or has it warmed up again there?)

  3. style odyssey: Unsure of the date, but I would put it 80s-90s going by the styles. I like how Kamali uses terry. Still chilly out.

  4. I know her name but it's one of those designers that I'm not familiar with. Some of the cuts are unflattering but I like the use of terry. I like the cool sporty vibe it automatically lends to clothes.

  5. Hang on: it really is from the 80s or 90s?! Because I was going to say - I remember that look, and thought 'how authentically retro.'

    Pret, you can't imagine what it was like 'back then' - you can sometimes catch it on films from that period - for a time that was supposedly so bodycon, the silhouette was enormous - think Dior's New Look but with a wider, looser waist.

    I remember wanting a Normal Kamali grey and white shirtwaist dress so badly. It was a little more then I'd normally pay for clothes and it was so wrong for me but I just wanted it: it was like the Christopher Kane crocodile tee shirt dress of that season. Probably early 90s I'm guessing.

    This is a stupid question: is Norma Kamali still a brand in the US? I haven't seen that name here at all. It's like with Kate Spade: she hasn't crossed the Atlantic yet.

    Just came to say hi!

  6. Wow that looks cool...I dont like the clothes exactly, but I like the sportif mood of the picture. And it's interesting like you said how she uses terry to make clothes. unexpected and yet why not.

  7. Aissa: This picture isn't the best representation of what I like about Kamali cut wise, but I like the overall look of it. Some of Norma Kamali's signatures are her use of Terry, parachute dresses (made of actual parachutes), and the sleeping bag coat.

    Polka Dot: Yes Norma Kamali is still a brand, still designing, and from the looks of it, she hasn't aged much either.

  8. Great image and love the styling!


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