Monday, January 3, 2011

Personal Art Deco

art deco jewelry
Baccarat Guet Apens and Medicis rings, vintage rhinestone necklace, Banana Republic earrings

Shalimar, bottle design by BaccaratAlthough Baccarat is no stranger to the art deco movement, (notably designing the original Shalimar bottle in 1925) I consider the Guet Apens and Medicis ring loose interpretations of art deco style. Marked by it's emphasis on geometric shapes, deco also pulled inspiration from ancient cultures. In large part to the discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb in the 1920s, pyramids and ziggurats became common motifs. Note the shapes in the Baccarat rings, Georges Fouquet necklace, even throughout the Gotham City skyline:
Georges Fouquetgothamcity ring

shalimar via basenotes, Gotham City ring via Noir Jewelry.


  1. Fantastic rings!

    Happy New Year, my dear!

  2. The rings are very subtle in their Art Deco influences, while the necklace and earrings are more straightforward. Nice mix in your collection! I love Art Deco architecture and motifs.

    Not completely-related, but you might enjoy this.

  3. GORGEOUS. i love the look of chunky vintage costume jewelry - when done right it has all the glamour of the real thing, and then some!

  4. ahh, now we know where the deco posts were leading...
    i learned things that i did not know:
    - baccarat made the shalimar bottle.
    - art deco was partly inspired by ziggurats (and i studied mesopotamian art history, too! don't recall a mention of this.)
    thanks for that lesson, -h.
    beautiful treasures you have.

  5. That onyx Medici is divine! What an incredible piece to get your hands on. It would fit with everything--and it certainly looks great with those earrings (swoon!).

  6. Judging by the bottle, a few drops of Guerlain perfume will make You feel "like a million".

  7. Love those earring! I am gonna check B republic right now!

  8. Your jewellery is exquisite! The necklace and earrings look like family heirlooms! So glamourous.


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