Sunday, February 6, 2011

Honorable Mentions Resort 2011

Cavalli Resort 2011
Roberto Cavalli: I am OBSESSED with this print, especially in dress form. It's the sister to my not a zebra xx it is a palm dress.

Zero + Maria Cornejo Resort 2011
Zero + Maria Cornejo.

Julien Macdonald Resort 2011
Julien Macdonald: A little Fashion 101: Julien Macdonald preceded Riccardo Tisci (succeeding Alexander McQueen) at the house of Givenchy. Macdonald referred to this as a "Christmas Flash" instead of a resort collection, but I call it: Clothes that Angelina Jolie Needs to Wear ASAP.

Next up is my final favorite Resort 2011 collection., cavalli, Lula,,, bergdorf goodman, nordstroms


  1. Love the Cavalli blouse and all the McDonald garments! And you're right - Angelina Jolie shold definitely be wearing those!

  2. Combining everything in one -

  3. there is just something about cavalli...his clothes make the wearer feel like a million bucks, and definitely sexy in a miami-chic way. (i'll forever associate cavalli with my trips to miami.) i have a cavalli "statement" dress that is quite different from my regular outfits but i love wearing it in the summer.

    these green ensembles are fantastic!

  4. Off topic, but I actually really like some of the fringe-y stuff Cavalli showed for the spring 2011 collections.

    Julien Macdonald has changed so much from what I remember from his Kylie Minogue days (tiny, sparkly, bright coloured dresses).

  5. definitely angelina worthy. i quite like the bottom left dress. quietly sexy.

  6. that orange/black/yellow Zero + Maria Cornejo dress looks so interesting (in a really good way! :) ) this is a piece i'd definitely like to try on now.

  7. That palm dress would look so good on you!


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