Sunday, March 20, 2011

Junya Watanabe SS 2011

Junya Watanabe SS2011
I gravitate towards draped silhouettes and all over prints in the summer. I consider it "high impact, minimal effort" dressing.

Not only do I like the varying stripes and nautical theme at Junya Watanabe, but also the styling up to the fluorescent wigs and white stockings covering the models' faces. I already have a record of mixing stripes with frothy whites, so naturally I'm attracted to the 3rd look in the 3rd row. The 4th look in the 2nd row, reminds me of this silly Black Fleece print from last year, I liked the jacket--but ultimately not a practical addition to my wardrobe.

Junya Watanabe SS2011
The men's collection is a more "realistic" approach to the nautical theme than the women's. The Satorialist's pictures from the show are worth a look. I'm constantly wearing variations of a navy DB + striped top for work. Nothing "fresh" here, but if it ain't broke...right?



  1. I absolutely LOVED this Junya Watanabe womens collection! Hadn't seen the men's collection until now, and love it too (would wear almost all these looks if I could!)

  2. Most of them are a little *too* draped for me--I don't think I would feel my best as a short, curvy woman. But that's not to say they aren't gorgeous. Because they are!

    The men's collection is just beautiful. I need to get my partner in striped nautical tops. I wonder if he'd go there.

  3. the 2nd-to-last look particularly appeals. for some reason I'm thinking alice in wonderland. i might try experimenting with brights & stripes, rather than the dreaded camel and brights. thx for the shoutout btw.

  4. Junya Watanabe is my favorite in the CDG universe. I fondled those striped sweater-shirt-dress hybrids (they are all one piece, attached) at Joan Shepp in Philly and they are absolutely gorgeous. I didn't dare try it on for fear that the little devil on my shoulder would get the better of me.

    Definitely added to the sale stalking/wait 'til it pops up on yoox/ebay list!

  5. i also prefer lighter, almost diaphanous layers in summer, but have not yet mastered the art of drapery.
    the men's version does seem more attainable for me; definitely more realistic. i'm interested in getting one or two navy sweaters/shirts now.
    i also totally went to saks to fondle the theory collection. it was interesting, but i was certainly not bowled over. i think i'm more interested in the shoe offerings than the clothes.

  6. Barneys just threw up a few Junya pieces in their windows [I think a first for the store tbh] from this collection. I love the strips, curious to see how they look on a non model-mannequin body though :x

  7. stripe it up people! Great post ;)



  8. Love the nautical theme. Always looks good. Always.


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