Thursday, April 14, 2011

2011 Shopping List Update

Being it’s already April, my 2011 shopping list is due for a recap. I realize the “public” version of my list is vague, as mentioned before; I can be top secret about things I’m serious about.

I’ve taken care of my 4 allotted work pieces:
-navy and white breton tee
-black and white silk scarf
-black merino long cardigan
-grey merino long cardigan

On the “statement” spectrum:
-black shiny jacquard trousers to match blazer. I have yet to get these altered, but since it is extensive (going from wide leg to slim leg) it’s not a priority.
-Alexander McQueen piece
-dramatic black scarf

The list isn’t without amendments after all it’s not My 2011 To Do List. My private list included The Kris Van Assche piece, but after 2 failed attempts I can’t make his clothes fit me. KVA may be swapped for Ann Demeulemeester but I’m in no rush. I’ve nixed the Belle de Jour inspired black patent trench--too inherently tacky. I found a possible contender for a white blazer from BCBG, but I’d like to see Zara's DBs first. There a few things that could use replacing (black driving shoes, black pants, and white shirts), blank spots for sale indulgences, and when things I'm always on the look out for pop up.


  1. If I'm reading you correctly, then you have found these pieces? If so, I'd love to see the scarves you decided upon. We have such different styles, so it would be very interesting to see what grabbed your eye.

  2. I look forward to seeing those jacquard trousers - sounds so Bowie.

    I like how realistic your list is, taking into account replacements, the sale indulgences, the long-time wants - good way to think about things!

  3. I fell in love with the patent leather trench from Belle du Jour as well but, like you, I think it might be a little too BDSM for me to pull off. Instead, I've been thinking about buying something less Matrix-y but still in patent leather. Right now, I'm completely fixated on a patent leather crew neck, loose-cut t-shirt. The only problem is the breathability. Having worn a few PVC garments, the sweat and heat that builds up under a PVC garment is simply incredible. I don't know if this would be the same for actual leather, but I think any patent finish will produce a similar result!

  4. i recently "discovered" why BCBG is so popular a label. when searching for the perfect pair of stretch lightweight wool trouser capris, i hit up BCBG. and i found the fit is better than theory- at least it was for these pants.
    i find posts like this interesting. it's almost like having a peek inside someone's closet.
    i like the way you shop. glad you ditched the black patent trench idea; tacky, yes i think so, too.

  5. Aesthetic Alterations: Yes, these have all been bought. I plan on wearing the scarf this weekend, I’ll do my best to get pictures. Sort of hard with all the extra people around the house.

    Lin: May be a while for the trousers. I don’t want my tailor getting sick of me and my projects.

    0000: The trick is to wear something soft and cotton underneath so that the lining isn’t directly touching your skin.

    Style odyssey: I find very inconsistent sizing with BCBG, sometimes a XXS will fit perfectly, other times it will be 2 sizes too big. Even if I wanted to keep my trousers as wide leg they are still huge in the waist. Also, I find it annoying that their claustrophobia inducing tomb like fitting rooms don’t have mirrors!!

  6. I always find lists like this very inspiring, and I admire you for staying so true to your style and being willing to wait for the perfect piece. I'm not there yet (and maybe I'll never get there), but at least I'm on my way to a more streamlined wardrobe that works for my needs and my taste. Reading your blog has been and still is a great inspiration in this process!

  7. i find it so disappointing when certain coveted designers just dont & cant be made to fit. did you deliberately sort out the work list first? Thats the case for me, since i spend more time in the office than out

  8. i sew my own clothes because sometimes i can't found some clothes fit on me and uncomfort. so my list is the textile, the colour, sewings, zipper and more. making own clothes is fun and crazy...

  9. My Favourite Things: Thanks. I’m surprised with the positive responses to my “method to the madness” posts. Needs and taste factor into style, though I have indulged in things knowing full well that I have no intention of ever wearing them, but that’s very very rare.

    Son: Not intentional, but it worked out that way.

    Gerry Beras: I wish I had the skills to sew, I’d make myself white linen harem pants since I can’t seem to find them!

  10. The trousers sound lovely, and I can't wait to see the scarf in action. I just finished writing up a list of what I need to add to my wardrobe, following getting rid of almost everything I owned - I will be buying from that list alone this year (I tried to keep it as broad as possible e.g. slim grey trousers, navy blue loose knit sweater).


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