Monday, April 11, 2011

The Addams Family

I originally intended to do a Women of Style post on my beloved Morticia Addams. As a child I would steadfastly fill in my Morticia toy's hair with Sharpie when the paint started to chip. And yes I was in the camp that loved Angelina Jolie's "Morticia" Oscar look.

Morticia sticks to her own uniform by wearing subtly different versions of the same silhouette. I can imagine her favoring Ann Demeulemeester, Olivier Theyskens, and Gareth Pugh today.
morticia 1
morticia 1.2
mort fur
Note the fur trim at the bottom of the jacket.
mort hood
However, after re-watching the movie it immediately became apparent that the true clotheshorse of the family was Gomez! The man was not afraid to wear velvet le smokings, embroidery, bold pinstripes, other words Gomez Addams is the ideal Alexander McQueen man.
gomez 1
Gomez Addams starts the day in smoking cap, cravat, and brocade velvet.
gomez 2
As if that wasn't enough, underneath reveals a red satin waistcoat with frog closures.
gomez morticia
A fishtail hem to make Olivier Theyskens proud. Stunning silhouette on Morticia.
gomez 3.1
gomez 3.2
Burgundy crushed velvet le smoking, with black shawl collar and frog closures.
gomez 4
Detail of the waistcoat underneath. Gomez has my ideal office by the way--filled with antique weaponry.
gomez 6
gomez 5
gomez 7
gomez 7.2
The Mamuska! Derek Flint wore his own version of this look.
gomez mort 2
gomez mort 4
Full length argyle coat with fur collar.
gomez mort 5
gomez mort 6
gomez mort 3
gomez mort 7
mort gomez 8.3
gomez mort 8.1
gomez mort 8.2
I always thought of Isabel and Ruben Toledo as a modern day Morticia and Gomez.
staircase 2
wed 1.1
wed 1.2
I was surprised that Wednesday's dress was not solid black. Now that I'm looking at it, this is another adaption of what I dub a "Belle de Jour" dress.
Cousin It
The Addams Family wouldn't be complete without super cool Cousin It!

Overall you can't deny that there was a style to the way the Addams Family did things--crazy that this was 20 years ago! It goes to show when you do your own thing, you're never out of fashion. Whereas as the "normal" people in the movie are firmly rooted in the 90s.

ph: personally screen caped from The Addams Family.


  1. I love these movies, they're just hilarious! And you're so right about Gomez' style although I think Morticia is very stylish as well! She has that uniform thing going:)

  2. What a brilliant post! Yes, I loved the Addams Family, and Morticia's style in particular...Ann D and Olivier Theyskens would be perfect for her! And sometimes Haider Ackermann too :)

  3. One of my favourite films as a kid!! I absolutely loved the costumes! I shall definitely have to watch this again, it's been waaaay too long.

  4. I've always loved the way Gomez dresses like a dandy from Oscar Wilde's Dorian Gray (including the Eastern fascination). I believe Wide was known for wearing a few fur-lined coats himself:

    As well as pinstripes:

    Loved this post!

  5. When I was little, we used to watch the Addams Family TV show, and I wanted to be Morticia Addams. To this day, I still prefer a pale face with bright lip for my makeup.

  6. did my original scomment go through? hmmm....appears not. :( blasted blogspot!
    without writing the whole thing over, i will say: i love, LOVE this post! xo

  7. I love this post! Gomez is a babe.

  8. you are right! what is normal anyway??

  9. I love morticia adams...a look all her own. she is very olivier theyskens. thanks for making me aware of this..I never thought of that before. :)

  10. FABULOUS post Pret!

    That is so profoundly true: 'when you do your own thing, you're never out of fashion. Whereas the 'normal' people are firmly rooted in the 90s.'

    I'm going to tweet this post - and that comment. And credit you of course!

    Big hug. I miss you! Hope you're well. xx

  11. i totally adore the addams family!!!! i still remember when i was a kid and the scene where morticia snipped off all the heads of those pretty rose buds cracked me up!

  12. There definitely was style in that movie and I must say I love that movie. I watched it the other weekend and it brought back so many childhood memories. Love it.

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  13. "fashion is fleeting, style is forever" youre right, thinking about it, if they remade the movie today, gomez & morticia could wear exactly the same things. i love that all the outfits are so rich in texture and tones.

  14. I LOVE this post! The costume design in this film is unreal - it adds such depth to the characters.

    Hand drawn:
    My Closet in Sketches

  15. Oh! Angelica Huston is such a spectacle as Morticia Adams!!!!!!


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