Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2nd quarter update


Back to reality. At the half year mark, here’s what I’ve bought from my April update to now:

1. Rick Owens Drkshdw “druid” hoodie
Not specifically on my list, but I've casually admired the “Sith”-esque druid hoodies. I knew I would have "not buying" remorse if I didn’t grab it whiles half off.

2. Earnest Sewn dark wash straight leg jeans.
Finally my years long search for a dark wash slim jean without “special effects” is over. I got a good deal on these via Gilt Groupe. Since my taste in jeans is very basic, my jeans wardrobe is now complete.

3. Zara shirt tunic (longer than the picture)
A replacement for one I ruined. I like this one better actually.

4. Brooks Bros Fleece (boy's) oxford shirt

5. Zara black pants
To be altered for wearing with flats.

It's daunting to think I've already slashed 13:20 slots on my wishlist. With all the summer sales it's tempting to go overboard, but I’ve been lucky that my sale finds were things I’m always on the look out for. However, in case I do go over the 20 items by the end of the year, I'll give myself a bit of leeway for vacation finds and my considerable closet clean out.

  1. BCBG jacquard trousers ***to be altered*** (not a priority)
  2. Theyskens' Theory black maxi skirt
  3. The Alexander McQueen piece
  4. Issey Miyake Pleats Please black scarf
  5. Brooks Bros striped boat-neck top
  6. Brooks Bros grey boyfriend cardigan
  7. Brooks Bros black boyfriend cardigan
  8. Brooks Bros black/white silk scarf
  9. Brooks Bros boy's blue oxford shirt
  10. Earnest Sewn straight leg "Decca" jeans
  11. Zara black pants ***to be altered***
  12. Zara purple shirt tunic
  13. Rick Owens Drkshdw druid hoodie


  1. That "hoodie" is sublime--definitely not something to pass up. And it looks fantastic on you, by the way. Perfectly YOU.

  2. Great list, great choices!
    The hoodie cape & the jeans are MUST have pieces!!

  3. so great that you found the RO hoodie cape on sale. i really like your '20 slots' approach. it's both disciplined and flexible!

  4. Love the hoodie and that it's such an unusual piece compared to the other pieces featured in the collage! I like your system of having 20 slots to go through at your leisure, because I often find I tend to buy more during some seasons than others (I buy very little in the summer, for example), and a rigid system of allowance every season is not always the best. I might try things out your way come 2012 (if we don't all die from the apocalypse) and see how I like it!

  5. The hoodie looks like it will fit in with your wardrobe seamlessly. I know what you mean about having not-buying remorse after passing over pieces. Great work on your list so far. They all seem like good, solid pieces.

  6. I am loving that hoodie and that Brooks Brothers Oxford shirt. You are collecting some great classic pieces. I might have to borrow your 20 slots idea, because it's a great way to not go overboard on buying new pieces.

  7. Love the thought out/planned approach to your purchases!

  8. Aesthetic Alterations: Thanks. It’s nice to find something basic yet with an interesting design.

    Miss Sophie, 0000, Sheena: As seasons don’t vary much where I live, I wear my clothes year round. A 20 slots method makes more sense for me. Especially when there are potential spike months in the July or Dec/Jan with the big season end sales.

  9. It's always easier to hoard and do mindless consumerism over a proper editing of your garde-robe... which reminds me how I've always told myself that I should and didn't end up song so...

  10. I think I'm going to save up and get one of those Druid hoodies. I have a Silent one from the first collection, but since then I haven't been too keen on the alterations Damir's made, so I'll give it go when I'm next at the Rick store.

  11. I actually love all that space on your list - it shows you've been judicious :) You seem to have found lots of good basics anyway, so what you bought now will probably mean you can buy less of those in future.

    I think that hoodie is exactly the kind of wonderful, fantasy-fulfilling item I'd be happy to drop extra money on, and finding one on sale is just too good to pass up!

  12. Amazing idea - I've been trying to curb my spending in the attempt to refine my personal style!

    Love your latest purchases - I've always wanted to try Earnest Sewn jeans, I love a simple, basic cut and wash.


  13. So many times I have put pants on the 'to be altered' pile, never to alter them. I have "grown" out of quite a few pairs...
    Very interesting concept having an empty list and filling it as one shops, but I think I need to get my culling finished before I completely determine what is missing in my wardrobe, so that I can fill the list wisely.

  14. Catssaymeow: My wish-lists are ever revolving through the years. There are things I’m always on the look out for. And I’m top secret about specific items I’m serious about. ;)


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