Monday, August 8, 2011

Victoria Beckham circa 2003-2004

I've wanted to do a series of "style DNA" posts for years now. This being a selection of the people, designers, movies, etc... that have shaped my fashion aesthetic. Victoria Beckham circa 2003-2004 was a big influence in developing my own style. Her role as Dolce & Gabbana's brand ambassador during these years saw her in more classic, tailored silhouettes. This was Victoria Beckham at her best.

orange hat
suit yellow coat 2
I love when boots are worn above the hemline.

cream suit
Around 2004-2006, I had my own version of this look: cream pant suit, simple studs, and tortoise shell sunglasses. Overall a classic look.

orange birkina1406 airport chic 2
Chic maternity styles.

long silvergreen strips
perfect skirt white dolce 1
I will forever be on the lookout for a tiered ruffle skirt.

The take away from this: pant suits, trench coats, tailoring worn with jeans, fabulous pair of shades, black with "pops of color", pointed toes with flared/bootcut hems, and matchy-matchy accessories. Nothing revolutionary, but very inspirational cues when I was developing a "so I can look put-together everyday" wardrobe.

ph:various fansites collected over the years.


  1. And what I take from this is how attractive cleavage and the chest area are! Seeing a beautiful, sexy woman not shy away from that--yet also not look too-too--is very inspirational.

    I'm once more wanting D&G corsets. Thanks!

  2. I want that yellow coat! So Dick Tracy! :)

  3. Yeah Posh Spice!

    There must be a trick to wearing coats over suits without looking like you're playing in dad's closet...

    She looks awesome. The Italians make great suits. DSquared is another good women's suit designer, though you wouldn't be able to tell from their runway shows. Also Costume National.

  4. I guess I see the connection but you always look more relaxed in your own clothes. To my eye.

  5. How many Hermes bags can one woman have?

    Boots above the hemline is the way to go. I find that the break when they're below just throws the whole line of the outfit off.

  6. I agree with you on posh spice...this was her time. I was actually just thinking how much I liked her dress and matching hat at the royal wedding. I know she was pregant at the time, but I would so wear that maternity dress!

  7. Honestly when I saw the title of your post I wasn't sure to see the link with you but VB had some great looks. Of course the slashed suit and boobs exposure is still not to my taste but I must admit she knows how to work tailored clothes.

  8. I have to say I agree with Susan. Your style seems more chic and relaxed than VB. I also loved her look when she had that really elfin cropped hair. Huge fan of the yellow coat though!

  9. Great compilation! She has a nice elegant style but sometimes her implants damage the look, adding a gauche srtipperish note. Love the tiered skirt.

  10. you can see the 00's all over her style. It's amazing how style has changed. Hope it doesn't get back to matchy matchy. Beckham ruined that jacket matching the shoe.


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