Monday, September 26, 2011

Chic Luggage

chic luggage

I was interested in the Missoni/Target luggage (even bid on several), because the front pouch could fit my laptop. Except in comparison with the others, the Missoni is not "chic," more stylish. And now I don't want it anymore! I'd rather spend the money on something much more practical for travel.


  1. i'm not fond of it, either. i like my luggage sleek and chic. no prints. :)
    good luck with your search!

  2. sounds like you're gearing up/winding down from a trip! i tend to prefer the niche brands like tumi & samsonite myself - theyre not necessarily design icons, but theyre designed with a traveller in mind, and so the material is durable and light + have thoughtful compartments. (i promise this isnt sponsored!) my samsonite has been put to the mercy of airport handlers and is still in good shape.

  3. If I use a suitcase, I use an small, ancient Samsonite wheelie that my dad bought when I was 8. We abuse it and never had to repair it ones. Small enough to be a carry-on, although these days the measurements seem to shrink by the day.

    If not, I use a backpack, haha. I never seem to get away from backpacking. Northface is not very chic but they make very hardy duffel styles that can also be wheeled, nicely padded with lots of pockets. Sometimes they come with backpack straps too...

  4. The Longchamp one is exceptionally gorgeous. I do prefer duffel bags (from the ones from Wm J. Mills & Co. for example) more though now since I don't travel as much by air anymore.

  5. I don't like prints on luggage. I'm already seeing the Mission luggage all across the city... I love carrying a weekender duffle, but sometimes (especially for business travel) you need hard luggage. I agree with Son and Lin about Tumi and Samsonite. Both are great when it comes to being able to navigate and being durable.

  6. I need a new suitcase as well, but my next one won't be black - all the suitcases at the airport are always black so I'd like another colour. But no patterns.


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