Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wardrobe Notes:

Wardrobe Notes
jacquard suits / leopard loafers with suits / big black semi-structured crocodile tote / tops with interesting hems
jewel tone velvet blazer with grey casuals / blue trousers for flats / long whites with black legs

ph: tfs/tarsha, personal scan, interview magazine, facehunter,
theory, olsen-fan.net, net-a-porter, barneys, brooks bros, waynetippets


  1. I like so much this blog. I hope you can check out mine and follow me if you realluy like.

  2. You managed to bring some of my own thoughts to life: I have always preferred white dresses to black tights/stockings, although they are rarely acknowledged (in favour of bare legs). Also, the flats with trousers thing makes more sense to me these days, for some reason I don't like to wear heels very much any more.
    I always love the diversity of your pictorial offerings:)

  3. I have such a craving for a jewel toned velvet blazer. I think I might have spotted a deep blue one, but alas, I promised myself I wouldn't do any more unnecessary shopping until Christmas!

  4. Yes, yes, yes, about everything!
    I just love to wear silky pants with brogues or loafers.
    And I think white dresses with black opaque tights and black shoes is the chicest look out there!

  5. Did you see Aesthetic Alteration's link to Bill Cunningham's piece about how women look great in men's wear? It reminded me of you, as do some of these photos.

    Here's the link:

  6. I like how everything has a classic foundation but there's an interesting twist - love all the rich textures.

  7. Love it! It's like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Leopard loafers and black tights with white dresses.. funny that you should choose that, because I'm as we speak, editing photos from a British based designer named Bora Aksu - his influence was a group of Victorial post cards he found in Venice - all white and cream dresses with black fishnet tights, customised to look ripped.. it's gorgeous.

    That Wayne Tippes shot of Carine Roitfeld is wonderful! I love the wall.

    How are you? Hope all's well, Pret! xx

  8. I LOVE the jewel tone velvet blazer... quite the classic piece, I think. I would love to see it with a lacey top, a tie, a bow embellished blouse—the possibilities are endless...

  9. I would certainly fancy owning jacquard suits!!!!

  10. Long hair and a double breasted jacket *sigh*, I'm getting there slowly. As far as tops with interesting hems, Rad is doing some reasonably cool stuff (even if he says it's unisex, most of it is waaay more suited to women).

  11. i'm all into whites with black legs.


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