Thursday, October 20, 2011

End of an Era

"No Smoke Without Fire" - British Vogue - November 2004 / via: Ready Set Fashion

Inspired by Saint Laurent’s “Opium” era, Tom Ford’s final collection for Yves Saint Laurent was full of chinoiserie.
I'm continuously referencing Tom Ford era YSL. I feel my version is reminiscent of his FW 2002 collection as well.
velvet chinoiserie
Banana Republic velvet jacket, Zac Posen for Target skirt,
ebay boots, rhinestone bracelet


  1. I hope you had a great trip! You went to New York right?

    And I can't believe that jacket is from Banana Republic - I never see anything that beautiful whenever I wonder in there.

  2. lin: yes NY. Thanks the BR jacket was a special collaboration they did when Memoirs of Geisha came out.

  3. His color schemes were always so gorgeous. My favourite deep jewel tones. I had a scented candle once that was blackberry tobacco and I always put Ford and this scent together even though the scent wasn't by him.

  4. Is it weird that I prefer his YSL work to what he does now?

  5. Syed: Not at all, I will always prefer his YSL era. Though I've read in an interview that what he does now is more in-line with his YSL customer than his Gucci one.

  6. did you do any shopping in NY?
    ahh, the YSL opium era...pure decadence and luxury!
    now, let's see this ensemble on you. :)


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