Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gaultier's Signature Silhouette

JPG silhouette
JPG Spring 2002 Couture, Spring 2005 Couture, Spring 2005 Couture

When thinking of Gaultier, certain things come to mind: Madonna’s infamous cone bra, trench coats, and sailor stripes. In my recent Gaultier “research,” I’ve picked up on a recurring silhouette. Note the way the jackets’ lapels fan out to the shoulders. Gaultier even worked this shape into the costumes for Chris Tucker’s character in The Fifth Element--but I'll leave you to google those at your own discretion.



  1. I love that double breasted coat dress on the right!

  2. I too love the coats and wonder what I might style...beneath them. Didnt he used to pop up on that show years ago called Rapido or something? I have no idea why this just sprang to mind.

  3. I had a beautiful skirt suit in the 80s with that exact cut. It was from Le Chateau - a Canadian company that was known for their edgier stuff back then. Now it's cheaply made garbage.

  4. I'm very upset that I missed the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit in Montreal this summer. It looked spectacular.


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