Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tried and True

city travel
New York, Nov 2007 / Las Vegas, Oct 2009

Even though I'm pretty disheveled in these pictures--this is after going through airports so give me a break--I've honed in on my "city" travel outfit: black blazer, black scarf, soft shirt, grey vest (worn upon arrival), black cross body bag, slim jeans, and black driving shoes.


It may be passé to dress like this, but I'm not deviating from my formula. Do you have a tried and true outfit that you travel in?


  1. I like how you are protecting your identity.

    I always travel with my black Repetto oxfords, a big cozy scarf (never use the airplane blankets) and fresh soy cleanser!

  2. So chic! I think you are doing such a great job with this blog, so impressed!
    (& I would love if you checked out my blog dear!)


  3. passe' or not, my plane travel outfit is similar to yours, in all black: acne jeans, monochrome converse sneakers, long sleeve knit, wool blazer or lightweight cardigan, small backpack.
    i'm not interested in deviating, either. what works, works. :)

  4. That's dishevelled? That's travelling in style more like! I'm usually travelling from one temperature extreme to another so I rely on layers that I can strip off and put back on as required. I also go for sensible comfortable shoes (don't ever understand women in stilettos in airports)

  5. I love the vest to dress it up upon arrival.

    For me it's pretty much the same as you! Black jeans, black long sleeve cotton jersey top, Dansko clogs, whichever blazer I'm into at the moment (usually something vintage and velvet), black psuedo pashmina scarf thingy and hair clip. I don't like carrying a bag but when I need to it's a black shoulder bag.

    Great post. I love that it's personalized.

  6. Nothing wrong with having an outfit template guaranteed to kick ass with.

    I always wear my Levi's dark blue denim jacket on planes because of the inside pockets for my plane ticket haha

  7. Definitely not passe, and definitely not disheveled! I think you look very chic but not overdone, and I definitely do not want to arrive at the same time as you because I'd just wish I'd dress better.

    I always use a crossbody bag because experience tells me it's the most convenient option, and I prefer a cardigan to a jacket if we're talking about a long flight because it's cosier. My default travel outfit for "city" trips is one of two pairs of super soft jeans, a soft t-shirt, a long cardigan, and Converse. Pretty exciting. I add a scarf/wrap if it's going to be cold.

  8. you look great! definitely not disheveled and much more turned out than i'd be in the same situation! i tend to default to leggings and flowy cardigans when i'm traveling.

  9. That's your idea of disheveled?

    I love those driving shoes.

    As for a travel outfit, I'm thinking of something sort of similar, but definitely not with vest. That would be too hot for me.

  10. one of my pull-on les chiffoniers pants (even the leather ones are more comfortable than jeans, i find!), james perse tee, black coat, scarf, and flat boots.

    i have never worn sweatpants in an airplane, and i'm proud of it.

  11. your travel outfit is perfect! i can see it working in any city, for just about any occasion. i also have a travel outfit- the top is a baggy tee from american apparel, a cardi-wrap style sweater, loeffler randall jacket, and a cashmere wrap so i don't freeze on the plane. the bottom changes between a long skirt or black jeans, and always heels so i don't waste room in my luggage.

    what is the watch in your polyvore set? i love the coloring.

  12. Susan: Unfortunately, it's unseasonably warm up north--so I may skip the vest if it's too hot.

    koko: I haven't done sweats either, but my return outfit will be more lax--well unless we count a Drkshdw druid hoodie as "sweats." ;)

    joelle: You can click the polyvore set for details. It's Kenneth Cole New York. I've had it for 4+ years, but I've seen it at Loehmann's this year.

  13. Perfect travel uniform! It's definitely not passe!
    When traveling I always were slim pants and cross body bag, it's just practical and chic at the same time. In few days I'm going south (from very cold to really hot weather), so, layering will be the key - trench with a cardigan and a vest. And, of course, a scarf!

  14. oh, yes I do.

    I find sitting for 4+ hours in jeans to be an excruciatingly shifty experience, so I always fly in a knee-length casual skirt (denim or cotton or corduroy), a tank or tee, a light cotton cardigan, and my puma ballet slippers. Whatever coat I need for my coldest destination (i.e. New England) serves as blanket/pillow. I use my largest purse as a carryon, and keep a pashmina in it.

    I actually have a blog post on my best flying style tip, queued up at to be posted later this week!


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