Saturday, October 15, 2011

Woman of Style: Daphne Guinness

What I like about Daphne Guinness’ style—if you remove the outlandish accessories—much of her clothes are classic, structured pieces. This is evidenced by the numerous tailored black coats and jackets especially in the DANDYISM (described as: “devoted to Daphne’s ‘absolute passion for men’s clothes’—especially crisp white shirts and tailored jackets”) and CHIC (“perfectly simple black and white and grey dresses and suits”) sections of Daphne Guinness’s FIT exhibit.
“I feel cleaner in black and white, and I pretty much only wear those colors. It's very boring, I'm afraid. I wear a white shirt and black trousers, or a black suit with a white shirt.”

I also love how Daphne infuses oriental elements into her style. This is not only evidenced in her sartorial choices but are repeated throughout her NYC apartment. Her astounding hallway is prominently featured in the Daphne's Window video for those interested.
“I have two very distinct sides: one is simple, and one loves the ornate.”

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  1. went to see the exhibit last Saturday and will go again in a few weeks...amazing clothes and accessories...just amazing!!

  2. how long is she eccentric - was she wearing normal clothe not so long ago?

  3. this is amazing!! more than amazing!

  4. Oh how I love her "boring" style! That blue jacket, however--that's the thing that grabs me; that color is like being on a Alpine mountain top. I hope you're having fun on your trip!

  5. Do you think I could marry her ?
    So much style and elegance. And I think she is the one who can have that hair color

  6. The Divinitus: She wears a mixture. She's worn Alexander McQueen for many years, even dating back to his days at Givenchy (the ombre kimono is Givenchy Haute Couture by Alexander McQueen).

  7. i've heard of her- not entirely sure who she is, but no matter. i see what you mean about her style. looking beyond the elaborate accessories, i see a woman who knows what works for her. the fact that she wears a lot of black and white outfits and usually minimal makeup goes a long, long way.
    great post, pret!

  8. I'm coming to New York in a couple of weeks and cannot wait to see this exhibition! Great post!x

  9. Thanks for explaining what you like about her style. I was curious :).

  10. She knows how to create the unusual juxtapositions that produce a great style.

  11. Love her style and that lace/blk tights I need it!!!


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