Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gold Card

Gold Card
Gold Card - Elle US - May 2005 - bwgreyscale

I’m glad I re-found this editorial online since my copy is chopped up. I like this idea of high/low…not just in wearing sportswear with loads of jewelry, but at the time I thought pairing Chanel with Old Navy was a pretty novel concept. I always thought the look below from Vogue Paris' "Toute Allure" closely mirrored "Gold Card." At any rate, they share the same high/low aesthetic.

Toute Allure
Toute Allure - Vogue Paris - Aug 2006 - stylist: Emmanuelle Alt - ???


  1. perfection!...I too love hints of gold. it adds a little something extra! lovely VP images! :)

  2. high/low: That's a great way to describe it. More succinct than 'dress it up, dress it down.' And I love this editorial, I can see why you're glad you found it online. Did you keep your chopped up copy?

    I also love nudes with gold, it's a beautiful pairing. Like grey and white with silver.


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